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Metropolitan Greenspace Program

The Metropolitan Greenspace Program is an annual grants funding program for planning and improvement of regional open space in the greater metropolitan Sydney region.


The program focuses on creating a better balance between the needs of communities and the conservation of natural and cultural resources to deliver a high quality of life for residents across Sydney and the Central Coast.


The program aligns with our Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities, and the Green Grid strategy. Funding is from the Sydney Region Development Fund, administered by the Office of Strategic Lands.


Since 1989-90 the program has allocated over $45 million to more than 620 projects in partnership with local government. The program provides seed funding and on average every $1 from the Department of Planning is leveraged to gain the value of $4-$10 for a project.


For further details of the program please contact us by using our online form.


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Page last updated: 06/12/2018