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The Office of Strategic Lands now has a Strategic Business Plan setting out its role and direction over the next 10 years.

Download the Strategic Business Plan – Planning Ministerial Corporation 2020 (PDF, 3.3 MB).

The key goals for the Office of Strategic Lands are:

  • delivering the green grid
  • supporting delivery of strategic infrastructure and
  • enabling the Government's strategic planning priorities.


Over the period 2018–19, the Office of Strategic Lands will seek to:

  • acquire land in the Sydney Region to enable Government to deliver it's vision for regional open space, strategic infrastructure and other strategic priorities. The land that will be acquired by the Office of Strategic Lands was identified in the planning instruments in consultation with the local councils. Landowners will need to agree to sell before the Office of Strategic Lands can buy the land
  • sell land that is no longer required for the original planned purpose. The proceeds from these sales will be reinvested in the Sydney Region Development Fund to service the loan of the Fund, and to enable acquisition of additional open space for the benefit of the community
  • work with councils in the Sydney Region and arrange to transfer open space land to them, to manage for their communities
  • continue to manage land already acquired for a public purpose until it is required, at which stage, the Office of Strategic Lands will transfer the land to the ultimate agency for their use
  • continue to ensure that government heritage properties remain in good condition by contributing funding to support management of these properties and
  • continue to implement and improve programs for conserving environmental and conservation values on the Planning Minister’s land.

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Page last updated: 02/12/2022