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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Lee Shearer: Coordinator general for the Go Jindabyne Materplan project


We're developing a master plan for Jindabyne.


A master plan is all about planning the way forward for development of Jindabyne.


We're talking to locals to find out what they see are the challenges and the opportunities for both Jindabyne and the surrounding areas.


Gary White: NSW Chief Planner


A master plan and strategic planning framework are really a story, a story about a place and then as part of that storytelling we start to put in place the conversation piece, a spatial representation that's going to be Jindabyne going forward.


It's a reflection of that conversation that we've had with the community.


Bruce Easton: President Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce


Our town's been growing exponentially over the last few years and we see this as an extraordinary opportunity that we're grasping with both hands.


Eddie Hogan: Jindabyne Resident


There's so much more to this town and this area than just the snow.


We have this wonderful lake here, Lake Jindabyne is fantastic in the summertime for boating and fishing.


Not a lot has happened as far as upgrading the roads in particular parking areas.


Retail spaces are fairly limited now.


Brooke Darlington: Jindabyne Resident


It's an amazing place to raise children so that's probably one of the reasons we've moved back here.


Lee Shearer: Coordinator general for the Go Jindabyne Materplan project


This is about your future, the future of Jindabyne.




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