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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act), NSW agencies are required to keep a record (a 'disclosure log') of information about formal applications received under the Act.


Our disclosure log is a record of information that the Department has released in response to a formal access application from an individual or organisation that the Department believes could also be of interest to other members of the public. The Department will include only non-personal information on the log.


The disclosure log sets out the date the decision was made to release the information; a description of the information released; and how it can be accessed.


Be aware that the log lists the information requested, relevant to a specific time and may not contain the most up-to-date version of the information.


In deciding to release information in response to a GIPA access application, consideration is to be given to factors of the application as outlined in section 55 of the GIPA Act. For instance, where other members of the public request access to the released information described on the disclosure log, the Department may delete certain information relating to the original applicant's personal information; business, commercial, professional or financial interests; research carried out by or on behalf of the applicant; or information concerning the affairs of another government department.


The disclosure log will be updated as additional information is released under the GIPA Act.


Formal GIPA requests can be submitted to the Department through our online form.


How information which is available can be accessed

Contact the GIPA and Privacy Unit at


GIPA Ref. Date application decided Full/Partial release – Description of information
Documents released
OLG – A718535 21/09/2020 Full Release - Council Pound data and 17(c) annual returns for 2018/2019 Request via email
21-1321 19/08/2020
Full Release - Water Supply Work approvals for Test Bore License number 10BL 161951 Request via email
Full Release - Local Infrastructure Contributions Direction 2020 submission from Lake Macquarie Council DOC20/860898
Partial Release - Any docs re Weakleys Drive Beresfield
Request via email
Partial Release - Crown Land Jennifer Street Little Bay
Request via email
Partial Release - Western Lands Lease 5379
Request via email
Partial Release - Western Lands Lease 6089
Request via email
Full Release - Bob Campbell Oval Greenwich Precincts Support Scheme approval
Partial Release - 55 Wire Lane Berry Planning Proposal correspondence
Full Release - NPWS Safety Data Sheets for fire-fighting chemicals
Request via email
Partial Release - Boston Consulting Group Strategic Review of Regional Water Management Roles and Responsibilities
Request via email
20-1241 16/07/2020
Full Release - Marsden Park Warehousing and Industrial Estate SSD 8606
Request via email
Full Release - DPIE Water technical advisory panel meetings
Request via email
Partial Release - Tamworth water crisis
Request via email
Partial Release - Correspondence or meetings re Bathurst Regional Council - Water
Partial Release - Upper Hunter water crisis
Full Release - Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council submission to Hunter and Central Coast Planning Panel
Request via email
Partial Release - Robinson and Yanda Western Lands Lease
Request via email
Partial Release - SSD 6612 Martins Creek Quarry
Request via email
Partial Release - Source and disposal of logs from bushfire activity on South Coast
Request via email
Full Release - Cooks Cove master plan 2004
Request via email
Full Release - Letter re 49 Frenchs Forest Rd to Planning Panel
Request via email
Partial Release - SSD 4975 Shenhua Water Management Plan
Request via email
20-1166 1/05/2020 Full Release - 223 Great North Road Five Dock PWA Engineering assessment Request via email
20-1158 1/05/2020 Full Release - Great Koala National Park assessment papers Request via email
20-1089 23/04/2020 Partial release - St Leonards South Design Charrette Outcomes and Recommendations Report Request via email
20-1123 15/04/2020 Partial Release - Northern Councils E Zone Review Request via email
20-1106 30/03/2020 Partial Release - Feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park Request via email
20-1101 26/03/2020 Full Release - Rhodes Planned Precinct feasibility assessment report DOC20/563468
20-1096 26/03/2020 Partial Release - Corowa Solar Farm Panel emails 2018WES006 Request via email
20-1036 12/03/2020 Partial release - Crown Land 47 Braidwood Rd Goulburn Request via email
20-1080 11/03/2020 Full Release - Narrabri Gas Social Impact Assessment reviews Request via email
Full release - Orgs licensed for animal research
Request via email
20-978  13/12/2019
Full release - South Ballina Beach management meeting 29 Aug 2019 Request via email
20-1044  5/03/2020 Full release - Maroota access road Request via email
20-1070 5/03/2020 Full release - Natural Resources Commission corro DOC20/421872
20-1035 4/03/2020 Partial release - Gordon Bowling Club PP_2018_KURIN_004_00 Request via email
20-1086 3/03/2020 Full release - Maules Creek Exploration Authorisation A355 Request via email
20-974 28/02/2020 Partial release - Wyangala dam Request via email
20-1065 27/02/2020 Partial release - Parramatta Square Request via email
20-1039 20/02/2020 Partial release - LAHC maintenance DOC20/422055
20-1022 13/02/2020 Partial release - Eraring Power Station - Dam Safety Committee Request via email
20-1016 12/02/2020 Partial release - Various DoI reports Request via email
20-985 11/02/2020 Partial release - Greg Sullivan diary 1 Aug 2017 - 30 Nov 2019 Request via email
20-1003 6/02/2020 Full release - School asbestos works at Shalvey, Tregear and Dunheved Request via email
20-1050 6/02/2020 Full release - Hills of Gold Wind Farm SEARs cover letter DOC20/112988
20-984 24/01/2020 Partial release - Lee Shearer diary 1 Mar 2017 - 31 Jun 2019 DOC20/62527
20-988 17/01/2020 Partial release - Washpool Wilderness closure for hunting with firearms Request via email
20-972 14/01/2020 Full release - AdaptNSW forum correspondence Request via email
20-960 10/01/2020 Partial release - Drought Coordinator / Land and Water Commissioner Request via email
20-937 17/12/2019 Partial release - Glebe Island Concrete Batching Plant SSD 8544 Request via email
20-971 13/12/2019 Full release - Drought, water and fire relief for Murray, Barwon and Orange Request via email
20-029 3/12/2019 Full release - Bars Point Compliance Request via email
20-852 29/11/2019 Full release - Mullaway Site Compatibility Certificate report and considerations Request via email
20-929 27/11/2019 Partial release - 1080 baiting in Morton or Deau National Parks Request via email
20-849 22/11/2019 Full release - Parramatta Gaol plans and planning documents Request via email
20-851 20/11/2019 Partial release - Ritz Carlton Pyrmont reports or advice Request via email
20-855 13/11/2019 Full release - 1990 Gosford LEPs sent to Minister David Hay Request via email
20-791 7/11/2019 Partial release - United Wambo and Bylong Coal Mines Request via email
20-847 21/10/2019 Full release - MP 05_0114 Hydrodec Oil Treatment Plant Environmental Assessment DOC20/421381
20-743 3/10/2019 Partial release - Mundamia Residential Subdivision SSD 7169 Request via mail
20-801 27/09/2019 Partial release - Port of Eden DA 254-11-99 Review of Environmental Factors, Water Quality Monitoring Program and Vegetation Management Plan Request via email
20-757 25/09/2019 Partial release - Hunter region coal mine inspection reports
Request via email
20-819 20/09/2019 Partial release - Inner West LGA properties on Combustible Cladding Register
20-814 19/09/2019 Full release - Coogee Bay Hotel reports from Government Architect
Request via email
20-802 18/09/2019 Full release - Wind Energy Partners business contact forms since 25 Oct 2018
20-796 18/09/2019 Full release - Mt Arthur and Bayswater Coal Mine DAs
Request via email
20-774 16/09/2019 Partial release - West Byron Urban Release Area
20-733 16/09/2019 Partial release - Central Station briefing notes
Request via email
20-025 10/09/2019 Partial release - Communications between NRAR & Bourke Securities
Request via email
20-753 9/09/2019 Partial release - Ulan Coal Mine MP 08_0184 offsets
Request via email
20-020 2/09/2019 Full release - Balmain Watch House
Request via email
20-011 29/08/2019 Full release - Koala Permits
Request via email
20-760 29/08/2019 Partial release - NPWS permit for McLaren car event on 9 May 2018
Request via email
20-018 23/08/2019 Partial release - Toxins to control wild deer
Request via email
20-741 22/08/2019 Partial release - High-rise apartment building defects or damage
20-763 21/08/2019 Partial release - Mosbri Cr The Hill rezoning
Request via email
20-006 13/08/2019 Partial release - Aquaculture lease conditions
Request via email
20-749 9/08/2019 Partial release - 26A Lime St Mezzanine DA 238-7-2002
Request via email
20-738 9/08/2019 Partial release - Maules Creek, Boggabri and Vickery coal mines biodiversity offsets
Request via email
20-737 8/08/2019 Full release - Appin Colliery dust levels 1976-86 Request via email
20-004 1/08/2019 Partial release - Records from Office of Valuer General & Valuation Services  Request via email


The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment commenced on 1 July 2019. If you wish to view Disclosure Log information prior to that date, you can do so at the following links:


The former Department of Planning and Environment


The former Office of Environment and Heritage


The former Department of Industry



Page last updated: 29/10/2020