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The assessment time for Development Applications (DAs) determined in the quarter, is worked out individually for each matter that is decided by the Planning Panels.


The measure consists of the time taken by councils between the DA lodgement date and the date the assessment report is delivered to the panel.



Quarter One 2018-2019 Council Assessment Times for DAs


Local Government Area Development Application (DA) number Number of days with council Planning Panel
Bayside Council DA-14/45/03 55 SPP
Bayside Council DA-14/96/07 111 SPP
Bayside Council DA-14/96/02 588 SPP
Bayside Council 2013/135/8 71 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2014/319/B 109 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2018/1013 184 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2017/606 180 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2017/1224 238 SPP
Bayside Council Da-2017/211 628 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2017/225 579 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00049 &204 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00008 471 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-16-04467 568 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-03307 884 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-03305 841 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-04459 624 SPP
Blue Mountains City Council x/546/2017 387 SPP
Burwood Council 124/ 2017 310 SPP
Byron Shire Council 10.2017.509.1 230 RPP
Byron Shire Council 10.2017.628.1 243 RPP
Byron Shire Council 10.2016.399.1 &763 RPP
Camden Council DA/2017/1526/1 247 SPP
Camden Council DA/2017/1428/1 288 SPP
Camden Council DA/2017/1310/1 289 SPP
Camden Council 2016/1462/1 577 SPP
Campbelltown City Council 4141/2017/DA-C 231 SPP
Canterbury-Bankstown Council DA-110/2017 218 SPP
Canterbury-Bankstown Council 922/2017 329 SPP
Central Coast Council 53119/2017 291 RPP
Central Coast Council 53070/2017 277 RPP
Central Coast Council 52629/2017 336 RPP
Central Coast Council 49558/2016 833 RPP
Cessnock City Council 8/2017/553 258 RPP
City of Canada Bay Council DA2017/0466 268 SPP
City of Canada Bay Council DA2018/0076 142 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/1157/2016/A
43 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/805/2013/C 108 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/436/2016/H 70 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/46/2018 354 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/46/2018 182 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/1025/2017 261 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/1042/2017 253 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/1008/2017 266 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/964/2017 236 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/954/2017 218 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/776/2017 350 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/158/2017 504 SPP
Cobar Shire Council 2017/LD-00051 224 RPP
Coffs Harbour City Council 0857/18 135 RPP
Cowra Shire Council 42795 107 RPP
Cumberland Council DA-92/2018 120 SPP
Cumberland Council 2016/485 659 SPP
Cumberland Council DA-66/2018 138 SPP
Cumberland Council 2016/501 121 SPP
Cumberland Council DA 2017/509/1 216 SPP
Cumberland Council DA-382/2017 329 SPP
Cumberland Council DA-230/2017 423 SPP
Cumberland Council DA 2016/381 721 SPP
Dubbo Regional Council D17-667 227 RPP
Fairfield City Council 525.1.2017 326 SPP
Fairfield City Council 446.1/2017 358 SPP
Georges River Council DA2017/0451 304 SPP
Gwydir Shire Council DA 05/2018 195 RPP
Ku-Ring-Gai Council MOD0030/18 141 SPP
Ku-Ring-Gai Council MOD0222/17 288 SPP
Lake Macquarie City Council DA/443/2018 148 RPP
Lake Macquarie City Council DA/251/2013/A 422 RPP
Liverpool City Council DA-1110/2017 223 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-779/2017 302 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-767/2017 342 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-491/2017 384 SPP
Liverpool Plains Shire Council DA 3/2018 210 RPP
Maitland City Council 18-196 167 RPP
Mid-Coast Council 514/2018/DA 79 RPP
Moree Plains Shire Council DA2018/39 99 RPP
Moree Plains Shire Council DA2018/40 99 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2016/00654.03 179 RPP
North Sydney City Council 70/18 174 SPP
Northern Beaches Council DA2017/1274 220 SPP
Northern Beaches Council DA2017/1183 267 SPP
Northern Beaches Council DA2017/0385 318 SPP
Parkes Shire Council DA2018/0033 83 RPP
Parkes Shire Council DA2018/0027 96 RPP
Penrith City Council DA18/0340 131 SPP
Penrith City Council DA17/1204 264 SPP
Penrith City Council DA16/1083 696 SPP
Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 100-2012/C 189 RPP
Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 395-2017 260 RPP
Randwick City Council DA/208/2018 125 SPP
Randwick City Council DA/813/2015/B 258 SPP
Randwick City Council DA/132/2017/C 174 SPP
Richmond Valley Council DA2018/0202 88 RPP
Ryde City Council MOD2018/0163 82 SPP
Ryde City Council LDA2018/0185 128 SPP
Ryde City Council LDA2017/0390 315 SPP
Sutherland Shire Council MA18/0164 131 SPP
Sutherland Shire Council MA17/0575 237 SPP
Sutherland Shire Council DA17/1626 254 SPP
Sutherland Shire Council DA16/0388 855 SPP
The Hills Shire Council DA 1018/2018/JP 233 SPP
The Hills Shire Council DA 318/2010/JP/E 244 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 79/2017/JP 730 SPP
Wagga Wagga DA14/0448.01 120 RPP
Wagga Wagga DA17/0679 283 SPP
Waverley Council DA191/2017 414 SPP
Waverley Council DA533/2017 206 SPP
Willoughby City Council 2017/157 433 SPP
Wollondilly Shire Council 010.2015.00000935.001 996 SPP
Wollongong City Council DA-2017/1729 211 RPP
Wollongong City Council DA-2017/1553 237 RPP
Wollongong City Council DA-2017/992 338 RPP
Wollongong City Council DA-2016/358 861 RPP


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