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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The assessment time for Development Applications (DAs) determined in the quarter, is worked out individually for each matter that is decided by the Planning Panels.


The measure consists of the time taken by councils between the DA lodgement date and the date the assessment report is delivered to the panel.



Quarter Two 2018-2019 Council Assessment Times for DAs


Local Government Area Development Application
(DA) number
Number of days
with council
Planning Panel
Ballina Shire Council 2017/447 404 RPP
Bayside Council DA-2018/1003 301 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2017/27/A 314 SPP
Bayside Council DA-2014/129/04 104 SPP
Bega Valley Shire Council 2017.445 403 RPP
Blacktown City Council MOD-17-00272 455 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00034 351 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-00001 966 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00032 392 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00028 412 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-04461 722 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00042 365 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00011 538 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-16-04468 703 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-03306 978 SPP
Blue Mountains City Council X/163/2018 272 SPP
Burwood Council BD.2015.193 87 SPP
Burwood Council 27/2017 655 SPP
Byron Shire Council 10.2017.510.1 412 RPP
Camden Council DA/2018/765/1 149 SPP
Camden Council DA/2017/1768/1 336 SPP
Campbelltown City Council 4204/2016/DA-RA 697 SPP
Canterbury-Bankstown Council DA-640/2016 847 SPP
Canterbury-Bankstown Council DA-845/2017 443 SPP
Central Coast Council DA/1440/2017 334 RPP
Central Coast Council DA/793/2017 473 RPP
Central Coast Council 52814/2017 408 RPP
Central Coast Council 47044/2015 Part 2 204 RPP
Cessnock City Council 8/2018/181/1 252 RPP
City of Canada Bay Council DA2017/0544 293 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/376/2018 106 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/237/2017 551 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/485/2016 805 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/47/2018 321 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/999/2017 349 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/828/2017 422 SPP
Clarence Valley Council MOD2016/0035 779 RPP
Cumberland Council DA-110/2015 1275 SPP
Cumberland Council DA 2017/558/1 319 SPP
Cumberland Council DA-285/2017 493 SPP
Cumberland Council 2014/555/2 355 SPP
Cumberland Council DA-503/2017 366 SPP
Dubbo Regional Council D17-608 319 RPP
Dubbo Regional Council 2017-671 318 RPP
Forbes Shire Council DA2017/39/2 77 RPP
Georges River Council DA2017/0483 410 SPP
Goulburn Mulwaree Council DA/0276/1718 234 RPP
Hawkesbury City Council DA0618/16 799 SPP
Hornsby City Council DA/142/2018 218 SPP
Hornsby City Council DA/668/2018 129 SPP
Junee Shire Council 2018/11 245 RPP
Kiama Municipal Council 10.2016.304.1 682 RPP
Kiama Municipal Council 10.2016.286.1 735 RPP
Ku-Ring-Gai Council DA0014/17 631 SPP
Ku-Ring-Gai Council DA0583/17 359 SPP
Ku-Ring-Gai Council DA0610/17 337 SPP
Lake Macquarie City Council DA/1178/2017 455 RPP
Lake Macquarie City Council DA/764/2014/A 432 RPP
Lane Cove Municipal Council DA2018/57 218 SPP
Lane Cove Municipal Council DA2018/56 218 SPP
Lane Cove Municipal Council DA6/2018 300 SPP
Lismore City Council 5.2017.270.1 410 RPP
Liverpool City Council DA-471/2016 885 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-108/2018 248 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-109/2018 248 SPP
Liverpool City Council 290/2017 544 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-745/2017 424 SPP
Maitland City Council 17-2505 380 RPP
Nambucca Shire Council DA 2018/115 114 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2017/01399 329 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2017/01269 375 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2018/01047 59 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2018/00510 140 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2011/0617.02 175 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2017/01546 342 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2018/00622 183 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2017/00787 525 RPP
North Sydney City Council 359/17 382 SPP
North Sydney City Council 326/17 409 SPP
Northern Beaches Council DA2018/1166 153 SPP
Northern Beaches Council DA2018/0995 176 SPP
Orange City Council DA318/2018(1) 76 RPP
Penrith City Council DA17/0763 476 SPP
Penrith City Council DA17/0995 418 SPP
Port Macquarie-Hastings DA2018 - 58.1 278 RPP
Randwick City Council DA/664/2016/A 155 SPP
Randwick City Council DA/773/2017 343 SPP
Shellharbour City Council DA0619/2017 351 RPP
Shoalhaven City Council RA15/1000 1251 RPP
Strathfield Municipal Council DA2017/168 321 SPP
Sutherland Shire Council DA17/0161 617 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 173/2017/JP/B 112 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 282/2018/JP 408 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 66/2019/JP 153 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 1994/2018/JP 214 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 46/2018/JP 518 SPP
Waverley Council DA-498/2017 371 SPP
Willoughby City Council 2018/273 113 SPP
Wollondilly Shire Council 010.2016.00000472.001 840 SPP
Wollongong City Council DA-2017/1759 328 RPP
Woollahra Municipal Council 33/2018/1 231 SPP
Woollahra Municipal Council 617/2017/1 274 SPP

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