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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The assessment time for Development Applications (DAs) determined in the quarter, is worked out individually for each matter that is decided by the Planning Panels.


The measure consists of the time taken by councils between the DA lodgement date and the date the assessment report is delivered to the panel.



Quarter Two 2019-2020 Council Assessment Times for DAs


Local Government Area Development Application
(DA) number
Number of days
with council
Planning Panel
Armidale Regional Council 82-2019 100 RPP
Armidale Regional Council da-112-2019
106 RPP 
Ballina Shire Council  DA 2018/321  478 RPP
Ballina Shire Council DA 2017/600 737 RPP
Bayside Council DA-2014/10096/H 128
Bayside Council DA-2018/196 479 SPP
Bayside Council DA2018/1146 479 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-18-01547 486 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-18-00003 580 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00047 671 SPP
Blacktown City Council SPP-17-00007 939 SPP
Blacktown City Council JRPP-16-03327 1212 SPP
Blayney Shire Council DA85/2018 337 RPP
Burwood Council 86/2019 80 SPP
Burwood Council
100 SPP
Burwood Council DA.2019.016 258 SPP
Byron Shire Council 10.2019.169.1 227 RPP
Camden Council DA/2019/573/1 112 SPP
Camden Council DA/2019/324/1 210 SPP
Camden Council  DA/2018/1435/1 340 SPP
Campbelltown City Council 3511/2018/DA-C/B 142 SPP
Campbelltown City Council
360 SPP
Central Coast Council DA/1029/2017 818 RPP
Cessnock City Council 8/2016/557/1 1176 RPP
City of Canada Bay Council da2019/0137 206 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/968/2016/A 81 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/476/2019 102 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/468/2016/D 132 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/367/2019 153 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA/1066/2016/D 162 SPP
City of Parramatta Council DA 961 2015 D 284 SPP
City of Parramatta Council  da/843/2018   288  SPP
City of Parramatta Council  DA 868 2018   347  SPP
City of Parramatta Council  DA/560/2018 410   SPP
City of Parramatta Council  DA/480/2018 435   SPP
City of Parramatta Council  DA 469 2018 466   SPP
City of Parramatta Council  DA/174/2018 579  SPP
City of Parramatta Council  DA/1263/2016 1009  SPP
Clarence Valley Council SUB2015/0034 1420 RPP
Coffs Harbour City Council
0742/19DA 218  RPP
Coffs Harbour City Council  0767/18DA 565  RPP
Cumberland City Council DA-196/2019 106
Cumberland City Council DA-171/2019 180 SPP
Cumberland City Council DA-94/2019 252 SPP
Cumberland City Council DA2018/347 382  SPP
Fairfield City Council 428.1/2018 461 SPP
Georges River Council DA2018/0473 362 SPP
Hawkesbury City Council DA0235/18 475 SPP
Hornsby City Council DA/1227/2018 383 SPP
Inner West Council 10.2018.220 298 SPP
Inverell Shire Council DA-74/2019 65 RPP
Kempsey Shire Council T6-17-446 705 RPP
Ku-Ring-Gai Council MOD0198/18 380 SPP
Kyogle Council 2011-34 325 SPP
Lake Macquarie City Council DA/2076/2018 369 RPP
Lake Macquarie City Council DA/419/2018 635 RPP
Lithgow City Council DA016/19 245 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-381/2018 580 SPP
Liverpool City Council DA-265/2018 603 SPP
Maitland City Council DA 2019/342 193 SPP
Maitland City Council
DA16-1805 1163 SPP
MidCoast Council 152/2019/DA
395 RPP
Narromine Shire Council 2019/47 74 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA2019/00904 98 RPP
Newcastle City Council DA219/00663 168 RPP
North Sydney City Council DA68/19 245 SPP
Northern Beaches Council DA2018/1514 440 SPP
Oberon Council 10.2019.43.1 142 RPP
Penrith City Council DA18/1244 350 SPP
Penrith City Council DA18/1135 387 SPP
Penrith City Council
433  SPP
Penrith City Council
DA18/0264 584   SPP 
Penrith City Council
637  SPP
Port Macquarie-Hastings 2019 - 546
117 RPP
Port Stephens Council 16-2018-775-1 320 SPP
Port Stephens Council 16-2018-774-1 342 SPP
City of Ryde Council LDA2019/0073 224 SPP
City of Ryde Council LDA2019/0028 292 SPP
City of Ryde Council  LDA2018/0322
416  SPP
City of Ryde Council  LDA2017/0547 700 SPP
Shellharbour City Council
DA0287/2018   510  RPP
Shellharbour City Council
DA0331/2018 518   RPP
Snowy Monaro Regional Council  DA4160/2019
178  RPP 
Strathfield Municipal Council DA2015/100/05 133 SPP
Strathfield Municipal Council  2016/017/02 378  SPP 
Sutherland Shire Council DA19/0021 311 SPP
Sutherland Shire Council  DA17/1001
Sutherland Shire Council  DA17/0467  944 SPP
The Hills Shire Council  1395/2016/JP/C   91  SPP 
The Hills Shire Council 1451/2019/JP 249
The Hills Shire Council 198/2019/JP 453 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 2136/2018/JP 546 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 1038/2018/JP 680 SPP
The Hills Shire Council 1235/2018/JP 712 SPP
Upper Hunter Shire Council  111/2019 58   RPP 
Waverley Council DA-125/2012/B 205 SPP
Waverley Council  DA-105/2019
247  SPP 
Waverley Council  DA-533/2017/1 404   SPP 
Waverley Council  DA-155/2018 581  SPP 
Willoughby City Council DA-2014/430/F 139 SPP
Willoughby City Council  DA 2018/158/A 173   SPP 
Willoughby City Council  DA-2019/79 246  SPP
Willoughby City Council  2017/181/C 272   SPP 
Wollondilly Shire Council DD010.2018.00000339.001  469 SPP
Wollongong City Council DA-2019/493  169 RPP
Woollahra Municipal Council 515/2018/1  356 SPP

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