NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Faster housing approvals

The NSW Premier has set a target of 90 per cent of housing approvals determined within 40 days by 2019. Housing approvals are approvals for new dwellings (not replacement dwellings) and new secondary dwellings (dual occupancies and granny flats).

The department’s fact sheet (PDF, 223 KB) defines categories of development, clarifies what development approvals are included in the calculation of Premier’s target and how it is calculated.

What is the role of councils in delivering faster housing approvals?

Councils determine the majority of housing applications and have responsibility for many processes and practices during development assessment. The Premier’s target will only be met through councils taking actions to deliver more timely assessments.

Councils are experts in development assessment and are aware of barriers to delivering faster housing approvals. Councils should work with the department to identify and remove those impediments.

What is the department’s role?

  • To facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practice across councils.
  • To help councils to identify opportunities for change.
  • To remove barriers to faster housing approvals.
  • To prepare policies and guidelines that help councils in their assessment role.
  • To deliver ePlanning and exempt and complying development reforms that reduce the assessment burden on councils.
  • Report to the Premier on progress in delivering on the target.

More information

Learn more about the faster housing approvals target and the Premier’s priority Making Housing More Affordable.

Page last updated: 04/10/2022