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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Key features

The Barangaroo precinct is divided into three sections:

  • Barangaroo South – a mixed–use neighbourhood which accommodates commercial office buildings, residential apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants, a resort hotel, and cultural facilities.
  • Central Barangaroo – sitting between the Barangaroo Reserve and Barangaroo South, Central Barangaroo (5.2 hectares) includes a cultural and civic focal point for recreation, relaxation, events, festivals, entertainment and leisure activities.
  • Barangaroo Reserve – six hectares of open space with lookouts over Sydney Harbour, extensive walking and cycling trails, idyllic coves, picnic spots and places for quiet contemplation.

Frequently asked questions

Updated July 2017

Proposed developments to the following areas of Barangaroo are:

  • Watermans Cove at Sydney Harbour including an array of public seating and a boardwalk featuring steps down to the water
  • Watermans Quay increasing the width of the current temporary street and including generous tree-lined footpaths and pedestrian crossings
  • Hickson Park one–hectare of public parkland with free Wi–Fi, eating and meeting spaces, park furniture, and bike parking
  • Wulugul Walk an extension of the existing boardwalk which hugs Sydney Harbour along the length of Barangaroo
  • Barangaroo Avenue an extension of the existing street to create a slow speed pedestrian friendly street.
  • The Barangaroo Delivery Authority is responsible for managing and developing Barangaroo on behalf of the State Government.
  • The Barangaroo Delivery Authority developed the Barangaroo Reserve (Headland Park) which is now complete.
  • The development rights for Barangaroo Central have not been announced.
  • Lend Lease has the development right for Barangaroo South.
  • The Barangaroo Delivery Authority and Lend Lease must submit development applications to the Department for assessment.

The Department must assess any proposal that has a capital investment value over $10 million. This monetary trigger constitutes a State Significant Development.

  • Prior to receiving the application for public domain works, the Department requested that Lend Lease undertake consultation with local and State authorities.
  • Lend Lease subsequently consulted with a number of local and State authorities prior to lodging their application.
  • Following lodgement, the Department advertised the proposal in the local paper and sent letters to local landowners. The application was available to view at Service NSW centres and at the City of Sydney Council offices. The application remains available to view on the Department’s website.
  • The development proposal was on public exhibition from 18 May until 19 June 2017 and feedback was invited. The opportunity to provide feedback is now closed.
  • All submissions will be made public in line with the Department’s objective to promote an open and transparent planning system.
  • The Department will publish submissions and ask the applicant to address any concerns or issues raised by the community, council and government agencies.
  • The applicant prepares a formal Response to Submissions Report (RtS), which the Department publishes.
  • The Department assesses the merits of the proposal, including the EIS, all submissions and community feedback, and the RtS.
  • If there are more than 25 objections, a reportable political donation has been made, or the local council objects to the proposal, the application will be sent to the independent Planning Assessment Commission for a final decision.

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Page last updated: 04/07/2019