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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Certain infrastructure is deemed to have State significance due to the value or potential impacts that it will have. State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) is a project that is:

  • Declared to be SSI by the State Environmental Planning Policy 2011 (SRD SEPP) OR
  • An activity for which the proponent is also the determining authority and would require an environmental impact statement (EIS) OR
  • Otherwise declared by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces as SSI.

A Proponent must demonstrate their proposed project is SSI when lodging their application with supporting documents. This documentation must contain sufficient information about the proposal and its environmental impacts. The F6 Extension Stage 1 has been declared SSI as it is an activity for which the proponent is the determining authority and an EIS is required. The project has also been declared Critical State Significant Infrastructure.


The Department’s assessment and recommendations will be set out in the Environmental Assessment Report. The Report and recommendations are referred to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces for consideration in making his determination.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is seeking approval for the construction and operation of a new multi lane road link between the Arncliffe and Kogarah, which would include:

  • north- and south-bound motorway tunnels around four kilometres in length
  • a tunnel portal at Brighton-Le-Sands connecting to entry and exit ramps at a widened President Avenue
  • stub tunnels for the proposed connection to a future southern stage of the F6 Extension
  • upgrade of the President Avenue and Princes Highway Intersection
  • ancillary infrastructure and operational facilities
  • provision of new pedestrian and cycle pathways
  • new and modified service utilities, including a power line from Earlwood to the proposed Rockdale Motorways Operation Complex
  • lane-marking of an additional two lanes in each carriageway of the New M5 tunnels, resulting in four lanes in each carriageway between the St Peters Interchange to the connection with the F6 Extension Stage 1 tunnels at Arncliffe.

RMS’ PIR provides a description of changes made to the original proposal that have occurred since the exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), including:

  • changes to the operational access and egress arrangements to and from President Avenue at Princes Highway, Lachal Avenue, Traynor Avenue, West Botany Street, Civic Avenue, and Cross Street, Kogarah and O’Connell Street, Monterey; and
  • extension of the proposed shared cycle and pedestrian pathway from President Avenue through Scarborough Park North to Chuter Avenue/O’Connell Street, south of Robinson Street, at Monterey.

The F6 Extension Motorway program is a proposed new, multi-lane road link between the New M5 Motorway at Arncliffe and the Princes Highway at Loftus.


The F6 Extension Stage 1 is the first of three stages and has been designed with a provision for a future extension south.

  • The PIR was on public exhibition during April-May 2019. Following exhibition, the Department will collate submissions and publish them on the Major Projects website. RMS will now prepare a response to the submissions, which the Department will make publicly available.
  • The Department will then assess the proposal, which includes consideration of the EIS, the RtS to the EIS, the PIR and the response to the submissions on the PIR, all submissions and community feedback.
  • The Department will make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces for his determination.
  • Once a final decision has been made, the Department will notify RMS and relevant government agencies and councils of the outcome and publish a Notice of Decision on the Major Projects website which outlines the matters taken into consideration in making the decision and reasons for the decision.

To find out more about the F6 Extension Stage 1 you can:

Page last updated: 09/05/2019