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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Preferred Project Report proposes to excavate the contaminated material and transport it to a licensed disposal facility in the United States of America.


Property NSW is planning further consultation with the community regarding final use of the site following the completion of remediation.


November 2012: Property NSW prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed remediation of properties in Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill. The proponent then lodged the EA with the department for consideration.


22 November 2012 – 8 February 2013: The department invited submissions about the EA during public exhibition.


January 2015: After review of all submissions, Property NSW lodged a response to the submissions (the Submissions Report).


The department requested further information from Property NSW to fully address the issues raised in submissions. This included the final disposal location for the contaminated material.


2015 – 2019: Property NSW has been investigating various disposal options – a process which has proven to be quite difficult and complex. Property NSW has had to revise its environmental assessment during this time to adequately consider potential on-site impacts associated with changes in remediation methods.


June 2019: The department received Property NSW’s Preferred Project Report (PPR) and published it on our Major Projects website. A public notification period to collect feedback on the PPR closed on 26 July 2019.


August 2019 – November 2020: Community feedback indicated there were concerns about encapsulating the material and keeping it on the site. Property NSW continued to investigate alternative options and secured contractual and Government approvals to transport all contaminated material from the site to a licensed facility in the United States of America.


November 2020 – December 2020: Property NSW submitted their final Preferred Project Report (PPR) 2020. The department invited community comment on the PPR via our Major Projects website.

The department will consider the issues raised in all submissions and feedback – including those received on the original Environmental Assessment as well as the Preferred Project Reports – as part of our detailed assessment of the application. The department will also consider the technical aspects of the remediation project in detail and has appointed an independent radiation contamination expert to assist.


We will then finalise our assessment of the application for final a determination.


Once a final decision has been made the department will notify Property NSW, and those who provided feedback, of the outcome.

Page last updated: 01/03/2021