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The Department of Planning has assessed the modification request for a revised Koala Plan of Management for the Kings Forest Residential Subdivision Stage 1.

In December 2018, the Department referred the proposal to the Independent Planning Commission for a final decision. For more information, please refer to the IPC referral page. 


Project 28 Pty Ltd lodged a request to modify planning approval previously granted for the Kings Forest Stage 1 project. The modification request seeks approval for a revised Koala Plan of Management (KPOM). 


The modification was publicly exhibited during 29 June – 18 August 2017. During exhibition we received over 1600 submissions. The Proponent lodged it's final Response to Submissions (RtS) report to address issues raised by the community, Council and other government agencies during the exhibition period.


What changes have been made in the final RtS? 

The final RtS has revised the proposal to:

  • reinstate the requirement to provide 27 ha of koala offsets in Cudgen Nature Reserve, or an alternative location, approved by the Secretary
  • deliver the full east-west wildlife corridor, providing 6.26 ha of on-site offsets
  • increase the on-site offsets in other locations from 54.9 ha to 62.51 ha
  • revise the locations and timing of construction for koala fencing and road crossings.

The Proponent also clarified that the final amount of koala habitat identified to be removed from the site has reduced from 14.92 ha to 8 ha.

The final Response to Submissions (RtS) report is available on our major projects website.

Page last updated: 26/02/2019