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Due to the complexity of the proposal, the Department engaged Dr Stephen Ward to undertake an independent review of the revised Koala Plan of Management (KPOM).


With a PhD in koala ecology, Dr Stephen Ward is an expert in the field of koala impact assessment and management. Dr Ward’s review of the proposal can be found on our major projects website, along with all other documentation related to the modification request.

  • The Modification Request was publicly exhibited by the Department between 29 June – 18 August 2017.
  • In total, over 1600 submissions were received.
  • The Department published all submissions on our major projects website, and requested the Proponent to respond to the issues raised in submissions.
  • The Department met with Council, the Office of Environment and Heritage and Team Koala to gain a better understanding of key issues raised in submissions.
  • The Department has made it's recommendation to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC).
  • The IPC will hold a public meeting as a part of its consideration. 
  • Once a final decision has been made, the Department will notify the community, and those who made a submission, of the outcome.

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Page last updated: 09/04/2019