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About Moorebank Intermodal

The Moorebank Intermodal Facility is an intermodal terminal, warehouse and distribution facilities to help move freight containers between different types of transport including trains, ships and trucks.


The project also includes a rail link from the intermodal site to the Southern Sydney freight line.


The Department is responsible for assessing all of the Moorebank Intermodal applications for social, economic and environmental impacts. The Department makes recommendations to the Planning Assessment Commission where the Department’s delegations are exceeded. The Planning Assessment Commission is then responsible for whether the applications should proceed and under what conditions.


The following applications have been approved:

  • Moorebank Precinct West Concept (early works have commenced)
  • Moorebank Precinct East Concept
  • Moorebank Precinct East Stage 1 (this is subject to appeal)


Community feedback plays an important part in our assessment process.

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Page last updated: 28/08/2018