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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Snowy 2.0 and Transmission Project is a proposed expansion of the generating capacity of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme. It will link the two existing Snowy Scheme dams, Tantangara and Talbingo, through underground tunnels and an underground power station.


The broader program of works being considered for Snowy 2.0 involves up to five stages, including the construction of a pumped hydro storage and generation project and major upgrades to the NSW transmission system to connect the proposed power station to major load centres across the state.


Snowy 2.0 was declared Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI) in March 2018.


Stage 1 Exploratory Works

The Stage 1 Exploratory Works Application seeks approval to investigate the ground conditions at a proposed location for a new 2000 megawatt underground hydro-electric power station in the Snowy Mountains.


The Exploratory Works Application involves:

  • establishment of an exploratory tunnel, construction pad and portal;
  • establishment of a construction compound and supporting infrastructure, including an accommodation camp;
  • excavated rock management;
  • emplacement of excavated rock in Talbingo Reservoir;
  • establishment of barge infrastructure at Talbingo Reservoir; and
  • upgrade and establishment of site access roads.



The Department assessed the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Snowy 2.0’s exploratory works, taking into account environmental, social and economic impacts, community and stakeholder submissions and advice from other government agencies. The Minister for Planning determined the proposal in February 2019.


Next stages

Each stage of the project requires a separate applications, which will be publicly exhibited to provide the community an opportunity to comment on each stage.


Snowy Hydro will be submitting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the main works involving the construction of the underground power station and tunnels linking the existing Tantangara and Talbingo Reservoirs.


TransGrid is seeking separate approvals for the construction of a transmission substation and augmentation of transmission lines connecting Snowy 2.0 to major load centres across NSW.


The Department will continue to engage with local councils, as well as hold community information sessions and provide ongoing information about Snowy 2.0.


Further information

Snowy Hydro Website


View application documents

Page last updated: 23/05/2019