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Frequently Asked Questions

Sydney Metro is seeking concept approval for a mixed-use over station development above the northern entrance of Pitt Street Metro station including;

  • a maximum building envelope for a tower and podium built form with tower height up to approximately 43 storeys and podium height approximately 12 storeys
  • a maximum gross floor area of 50,310m² (including the over station development and station floorspace) 
  • two potential land use schemes for the building envelope;
    • a mix of residential accommodation and/or hotel and/or office OR
    • a mix of retail space at the ground floor and lower podium levels with commercial offices
  • a maximum of 50 car parking spaces.

The Minister for Planning granted planning approval for the Pitt Street Metro Station in January 2017.

The station will be part of the future Sydney Metro network, providing access across the network to the Sydney Central Business District.

If the concept SSD application is approved, separate application/s will be required for the detailed design and construction of the development.

These application/s will be exhibited and assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment. You will be invited to provide feedback on the application/s at that time.

The Department has published all submissions received from the community, council and government agencies on our Major Projects website.

Sydney Metro has prepared a formal Response to Submissions (RTS) report, which is also available to view on our Major Projects website.

The Department will assess the project, which includes consideration of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), all submissions and community feedback, and the RTS.

To find out more about the Pitt Street North Over Station Development you can:

  • visit the Sydney Metro website
  • visit our Major Projects website
  • call our Information Centre on 1300 305 695. If English isn’t your first language and you require an interpreter, please phone 131 450. You can request an interpreter in your language and then to be connected the Information Centre on 1300 305 695.

Page last updated: 10/01/2019