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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Pitt Street South Over Station Development is identified as State Significant Development (SSD).


Sydney Metro submitted a concept SSD application for the Pitt Street South Over Station Development which sets parameters for future size, height and use of the proposed building, pedestrian and vehicle access, and associated parking.


Consent has not yet being sought for detailed designs or any construction/physical work.


A separate SSD application, or applications, must be lodged, exhibited and assessed for the detailed design and construction of the Over Station Development.


State Significant Development assessment process:

  • The applicant, Sydney Metro, lodges an application and supporting documentation to the Department.
  • The Department prepares the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs), which outlines issues the applicant needs to address.
  • The applicant prepares and lodges an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to address the SEARs.
  • The Department publicly exhibits the EIS and consults with the community, local councils, government agencies and other key stakeholders.
  • The Department publishes submissions and asks the applicant to address any concerns or issues raised by the community, council and government agencies.
  • The applicant prepares a formal Response to Submissions (RtS) report, which the Department makes publicly available.
  • The Department assesses the merits of the proposal, including consideration of the EIS, all submissions and community feedback, and the RtS, and makes a recommendation to the Minister for determination.
  • The Department then notifies the applicant, relevant government agencies and council on the outcome.


Page last updated: 28/06/2019