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On 13 June 2017, the NSW Government announced $534 million for a new major referral hospital that would be constructed on a greenfield site in the Tweed-Byron region.
Health Infrastructure NSW has lodged a State significant development (SSD) application for the concept phase and associated stage 1 works of the proposed new Tweed Valley Hospital. 


The Environmental Impact Statement for the Tweed Hospital SSD was on public exhibition until 13 December 2018. 

Concept application and Stage 1 works

The development application for the proposed new hospital seeks approval for a concept proposal and concurrent stage 1 works.

The Concept Proposal:

  • a maximum building envelope for a nine-storey hospital with basement, rooftop helipad and plant rooms;
  • a maximum building envelope for a building accommodating supporting services;
  • a maximum floor area of approximately 65,000sqm;
  • the site layout, internal road layout, site access arrangements and car parking areas; 
  • a landscape masterplan identifying open areas and concept public domain treatments.

Stage 1 works:

  • identification of the construction compound;
  • augmentation and connection of permanent services for the future hospital;
  • tree removal within the footprint of the construction works;
  • bulk earthworks and recycling of materials to establish the site levels;
  • piling and associated works;
  • stormwater infrastructure and associated retaining walls;
  • rehabilitation and revegetation of part of the wetland area; and
  • construction of temporary internal roads for use during construction.

Our role

The Department of Planning and Environment has two separate responsibilities in the proposed new Tweed Valley Hospital development. 

The Department plays an important role in assessing State significant development applications, such as the new Tweed Valley Hospital proposal. As part of the assessment process, we placed the Environmental Impact Statement on public exhibition.

In parallel, an Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) for a proposed State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) was also on exhibition. The proposed SEPP would seek to rezone part of the site, amending the land uses so that the Department is able to assess and determine the proposed hospital development. 

Page last updated: 14/12/2018