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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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In June 2019, the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces approved the Tweed Valley Hospital State Significant Development (SSD) application for the concept proposal and associated stage 1 works.


In April 2019, a modification to the concept proposal (SSD 9575 Mod 2) was approved to allow a number of changes and refinements.


The approved SSD application as modified includes the following:

The concept proposal:

  • a maximum building envelope for a nine-storey hospital with basement, rooftop helipad and plant rooms
  • a maximum building envelope for a building accommodating supporting services
  • the site layout, internal road layout, site access arrangements and multi-deck car park
  • the maximum building envelope for a temporary “Tweed Valley Skills Centre”
  • a maximum floor area of approximately 65,050 square metres
  • a revised landscape master plan identifying open areas and concept public domain treatments
  • Tweed Coast Road / Cudgen Road intersection upgrade.


Stage 1 works:

  • identification and establishment of the construction compound
  • construction of temporary internal roads, laydowns and parking for use during construction
  • augmentation and connection of permanent services for the future hospital
  • tree removal within the footprint of the construction works
  • bulk earthworks and recycling of materials to establish the site levels
  • piling and associated works
  • stormwater infrastructure
  • retaining walls
  • site access points and intersection improvement work on Turnock Street / Cudgen Road
  • site remediation works.


Modification application

In October 2019, Health Infrastructure NSW (HINSW) lodged a modification to the concept proposal (SSD 9575 Mod 2) to allow a number of changes and refinements.


The department assessed SSD 9575 Mod 2 application taking into account community and stakeholder feedback received during public exhibition in October-November 2019. This feedback helped us better understand the opinions and concerns of the community, which informed our assessment of the project.


The modification application was approved in April 2020 allowing the following changes to the concept proposal:

  • New building envelopes for a multi-deck car park and temporary building
  • Increased hospital beds
  • Changes to existing envelopes
  • Increase floor area to 65,050 square metres
  • Relocation of electrical switching station kiosk
  • Revised landscaping.

It also allowed changes to the Stage 1 works by allowing the off site disposal of spoil from the site and increased truck movements temporarily. All project documents relating to this modification application are available on our Major Projects website.


In September 2019, HINSW lodged a modification application (SSD 9575 Mod 1) to allow minor modifications to vegetation removal approved as part of the Stage 1 works. The modification application was approved in October 2019.

All documentation related to this project can be found on our Major Projects website.


More information

All SSD application documentation related to the new Tweed Valley Hospital is available at our Major Projects website.

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