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The NSW Government announced plans in June 2017 to develop a new major referral hospital on a greenfield site in the Tweed-Byron area. In 2018, the NSW Minister for Health announced the preferred site was located at 771 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen.


Health Infrastructure NSW lodged a concept application for the development of a new hospital, and associated Stage 1 site preparation works.


Health Infrastructure NSW has submitted a formal Response to Submissions report (RtS) to address issues raised in submissions from the community, Tweed Shire Council and government agencies during public exhibition.


More information on the full project is available on the NSW Health site for the new Tweed Valley Hospital project.


The new Tweed Valley Hospital project is classified as State significant development (SSD) under the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011, because it involves a development with a capital investment value (CIV) of more than $30 million.

A staged SSD is a development with multiple stages, each classified as SSD and requiring separate assessment processes. The concept stage sets a guide for acceptable size, height, and use of the development as well as future redevelopment of the site.

If the concept design is approved, applications for the future stage(s) with detailed design and operational parameters for the hospital would be lodged, exhibited, and assessed having regard to any requirements specified by the concept design. The community will have an opportunity to comment on future applications when they are exhibited.

The SSD application for the proposed new hospital (as refined by the Response to Submissions) seeks approval for a Concept Proposal and concurrent Stage 1 works.


The Concept Proposal:

  • a maximum building envelope for a nine-storey hospital with basement, rooftop helipad and plant rooms
  • a maximum building envelope for a building accommodating supporting services
  • a maximum floor area of approximately 65,000sqm
  • the site layout, internal road layout, site access arrangements and car parking areas
  • a landscape master plan identifying open areas and concept public domain treatments
  • Tweed Coast Road / Cudgen Road intersection upgrade.


Stage 1 works:

  • identification of the construction compound
  • construction of temporary internal roads, laydowns and parking for use during construction
  • augmentation and connection of permanent services for the future hospital
  • tree removal within the footprint of the construction works
  • bulk earthworks and recycling of materials to establish the site levels
  • piling and associated works
  • stormwater infrastructure and an additional sediment basin
  • retaining walls
  • site access points
  • intersection improvement works
  • site remediation works.

The Department plays an important role in assessing major projects in NSW.


In parallel, the Department also exhibited the Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) for a proposed State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) that would rezone part of the lot from RU1 Primary Production and R1 General Residential to SP2 Infrastructure. The SEPP also includes changes to planning controls relating to height of buildings, floor space ratios and minimum lot size.


The SEPP was approved and gazetted in XX 2019. This makes Health Services Facilities considered “permissible with development consent”, and enables the Department to finalise our assessment of the proposed hospital.

The Department will progress our assessment of the proposed concept and Stage 1 hospital development application, which includes consideration of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), all submissions and community feedback, and the RtS.


Our assessment considers the SSD application against existing strategic plans and policies, feedback and comments from the relevant local Council, specialised and technical input and advice received from Federal and State Government agencies, and all submissions received during public exhibition.


  • Find out more about the proposed changes to planning controls and the State Environmental Planning Policy. 
  • Find out more about the full background regarding the site selection and the proposed hospital development at the NSW Heath Infrastructure project site
  • Call us on 1300 305 695
  • If English isn’t your first language, call 131 450, ask for an interpreter in your language and request to be connected to our Information Centre.

Page last updated: 21/05/2019