NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The planning process

The Parramatta Light Rail project was declared Critical State Significant Infrastructure by the Minister for Planning and Environment. 

The assessment process for State significant infrastructure (SSI) is:

  • An SSI application is received by the Department.
  • The Department prepares Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) which outline matters for consideration in an environmental impact statement (EIS).
  • The applicant prepares an EIS to consider the matters raised in SEARs.
  • The Department publicly exhibits the EIS and consults with local councils, government agencies, other key stakeholders and the community.
  • The Department publishes submissions on its website and asks the applicant to address any concerns or issues raised by the community, councils and government agencies.
  • The applicant prepares a formal Response to Submissions Report (RtS), which the Department publishes on its website.
  • The Department assesses the merits of the project, including the EIS, all submissions and community feedback, and the RtS.
  • The Department prepares a Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Report which describes the Department’s assessment of the application and includes a recommendation to the Minister for Planning about whether the project be approved or rejected.

Page last updated: 24/11/2022