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Martin Place North Over Station Development

In March 2018, the Minister for Planning approved the Stage 1 State Significant Development (SSD) application for the Sydney Metro Martin Place Precinct. In February 2019, the Minister for Planning approved the ‘Stage 1 Amending DA’ to amend the concept for the Precinct, approving a larger building envelope for the South Site.

Macquarie Group submitted two separate Stage 2 development applications seeking approval for the detailed design and construction of the Over Station Developments (OSD) above the northern and southern entrances to the Martin Place Metro Station.

The Martin Place North OSD Stage 2 application seeks approval for the construction and use of a 39-storey (plus rooftop plant) commercial tower above the northern entrance of the new Martin Place Metro Station providing:

  • 75,498m² Gross Floor Area (GFA) including 1,017m² for retail use and 74,481m² for office use
  • New connections between the proposed podium and the existing 50 Martin Place building
  • Signage zones for building identification
  • Vehicle loading, bicycle parking and end-of-trip and service facilities for both over station development at the north and south site
  • Works to integrate with the Station design, including use and fit-out of over station development areas within the station building envelope for plant, services, end of trip facilities, retail and office spaces.

The Martin Place Station Precinct is identified as State Significant Development (SSD) and was assessed according to the SSD Process.

Stage 2 application approved

The Martin Place North Stage 2 application has been approved subject to conditions based on consultation with the community, council and other government agencies.

The department carefully considered the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Council and community views during the assessment process.

A full list of the conditions of consent is available on our Major Projects website.

More information

All documents related to the Stage 2 application for the Martin Place North Over Station Development, including the Response to Submissions report are available at our Major Projects website.

To find out more about Martin Place North Over Station Development you can:

Martin Place North OSD image

Artist impression of the proposed Martin Place North Over Station Development. Source: Macquarie Group.

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Page last updated: 28/09/2022