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The Stage 3: WestConnex M4 M5 Link project includes a new multi-lane road link connecting the M4 east project at Haberfield with the new M5 project at the St Peters interchange.

The project includes:
  • tunnels connecting to the New M4 at Haberfield and New M5 at St Peters via Rozelle
  • an interchange at Rozelle which includes tunnels, ramps and related infrastructure for a potential future Western Harbour Tunnel
  • a tunnel connection from the Rozelle Interchange to the Iron Cove Bridge
  • upgrades to the surrounding road network.

Frequently asked questions

What is WestConnex?

WestConnex is a 33 kilometre tolled motorway linking Sydney’s west and south west with Sydney Airport and Port Botany via the St Peters interchange (under construction by the new M5 project). It is being delivered through a serious of projects in three stages over 10 years:

Stage 1: M4 Widening (Parramatta to Homebush)
Stage 1: M4 East (Homebush to Haberfield)
Stage 2: New M5 (Beverly Hills to St Peters)
Stage 2: New M5 King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade
Stage 3: M4-M5 Link (Haberfield to St Peters)

The M4-M5 link is the third stage of the project and will connect the M4 east at Haberfield to the new M5 in St Peters, and provide connections to the Iron Cove Bridge and Rozelle interchange. 

Who is the proponent for this proposal?

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the proponent for this project. Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) is responsible for delivering the project and all stages of WestConnex. 

Why has Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) submitted this proposal?

WestConnex is a NSW Government priority. RMS submitted the proposal to connect the M4 east and the new M5 Motorway, in line with the government’s priorities. 

Who assessed the proposal?

The Department independently assessed the application based on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), community, council and agency submissions and RMS’s Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report (SPIR).

What impact has feedback had on the proposal?

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was on public exhibition from 18 August 2017 to 16 October 2017. The Department received more than 13,300 submissions, including nine from public authorities and three from councils. The majority objected to the proposal.


Key issues raised included traffic and transport, construction noise and vibration impacts, utilities management, operational air quality and human health impacts, Haberfield construction compounds, and construction fatigue for communities already exposed to construction activities.


In response, RMS provided the SPIR identifying minor amendments to the project, including the relocation of the bioretention basin in King George Park, and the White Bay Civil Site, for truck marshalling. The report is available on our Major Projects website.

What happened after the public consultation period?

The Department reviewed all submissions and thoroughly assessed RMS’s RtS and SPIR, and prepared the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Report, which includes a recommendation to the Minister for Planning to approve with stringent conditions. The Minister then made the final determination on the project. For more information, see the Ministerial media release (27 April 2018). 

Where can I find more information about WestConnex?

To learn more about the WestConnex project in general, you can:


To find out more about the EIS for WestConnex M4 M5 Link, you can:


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