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The Department of Planning and Environment has recommended changes to the proposals to modify the Barangaroo Concept Plan and build the Crown Hotel.

The changes address issues raised in submissions and the independent Barangaroo Design Advisory Panel’s reports.
These changes include:

  • improved design of the hotel podium, Block Y, to reduce the bulky appearance and fit better with the surrounding public areas
  • provision of public access to the observation area on Level 65 of the hotel tower providing views of Sydney Harbour
  • public areas such as the new Hickson Park, Central Parklands and the foreshore will be better connected and views of the water will be improved
  • Waterman’s Cove and the surrounding public promenade will be redesigned and public access to the foreshore will be improved

These recommendations will achieve better outcomes for the community, including better-designed open spaces allowing the public to access Sydney Harbour and enjoy Barangaroo South.

There are over 20 new or updated conditions attached to the concept plan, including future planning assessment requirements, which mean any further proposals at Barangaroo South must consider public access, open space and a range of specific design requirements.

Strict conditions attached to the proposed Crown Hotel include:

  • the licensed area on the ground floor of the hotel should be designed to encourage openness and ease of access for the public to surrounding public space requiring further approval from the Secretary
  • a requirement to achieve a high-level Green Star and NABERS environmental benchmarks during the design, construction and operation stages
  • Crown must undertake a detailed lighting study to assess any impacts of light at night time on the Sydney Observatory
  • construction materials and finishes for the hotel façade must ensure design excellence
  • the hours of construction of the hotel will be limited
  • the hours of operation of licensed outdoor and ground floor areas of the proposed hotel will be limited to be consistent with the surrounding area

Both proposals were publicly exhibited for community feedback in 2015. The Department received 50 submissions on the proposal to modify the Barangaroo Concept Plan (Modification 8) and 45 on the Crown Hotel development application.

A spokesperson for the Department of Planning and Environment said that the independent Planning Assessment Commission would now make the final decision on the proposals.

“This recommendation was made after thorough assessments against clear and consistent rules,” the spokesperson said.

“Consultation with the community and stakeholders is enshrined into the process for assessing projects like these and the Department has addressed the issues raised,” a spokesperson said.

“The Planning Assessment Commission is an important part of the NSW planning system ensuring major developments are subject to expert, independent review and assessment.”

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