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Draft Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan outcomes and strategies

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Responsibility for implementing actions and monitoring the intended outcomes in the Metropolitan Plan is shared with our important stakeholders, including Councils, other State agencies, service providers and the development industry. All stakeholders need to have a good understanding of the priorities and the deliverables.


The purpose of this Implementation Plan is to:

  • ensure ongoing collaboration and agreement on the implementation of actions;
  • assign accountabilities for the implementation of actions;
  • explain the role of different groups and committees involved in implementation;
  • guide the Hunter Development Corporation in its role of overseeing delivery of the Metropolitan Plan; and
  • inform the Annual Monitoring Report.

Implementation Plan

Local Government Areas and Community Strategic Plans

Greater Newcastle currently consists of five Local Government Areas (LGA): Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle and Port Stephens.

Each LGA has a Community Strategic Plan (CSP) which identifies the main long-term priorities and goals of the community and provides a clear set of strategies to achieve a vision for the future that encompasses social, environmental, economic and civic leadership directions.

A CSP does not exist in isolation, it is interconnected with other plans. Similarly, the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan seeks to connect with existing council plans. In creating a vision for Greater Newcastle, the Metropolitan Plan will draw on the visions contained in the Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle and Port Stephens CSPs. The CSPs will inform the overarching goals of the Metropolitan Plan to ensure it reflects the aspirations of the Greater Newcastle area.


Links to the current CSPs of each Local Government Area can be found below:

Local Planning Strategies

In addition to the State government, local councils are also responsible for land use planning and have developed a number of different plans and policies to make decisions about future development, land use and a broad range of other activities relating to specific areas, housing, employment, the environment and open space and recreation. These plans and policies will inform the Metropolitan Plan. Further information about the current local planning strategy adopted by each Greater Newcastle council can be found on their websites at the following links: