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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Established in 2012, the HAF provides funds to infrastructure projects which will enable housing infrastructure. Enabling infrastructure stimulates and accelerates housing development for NSW.


Increasing housing supply is one of the 18 state priorities being actioned by the NSW Government to improve the state of NSW. Increased housing supply places downward pressure on housing prices.


Funding for essential infrastructure, including water, road and electricity networks, will speed up the delivery of new homes and jobs.


The HAF accelerates the supply of housing by prioritising development projects in growth areas and providing funding for critical enabling infrastructure, such as roads, water, wastewater, drainage and electricity.


The HAF provides critical infrastructure to growth areas, giving developers confidence to proceed with housing applications and councils’ confidence in accelerating application approvals.


By collaborating with roads, transport, utilities, health and education agencies, the HAF is contributing to building strong communities by planning effectively for sufficient housing, minimising traffic congestion issues and ensuring appropriate access to schools and hospitals.


The HAF ensures the correct projects are selected and prioritised to support growth across NSW. The program also aligns with future growth strategies for the state.


Increasing housing supply is only possible if there is adequate infrastructure to service new homes and support communities. The NSW Government will boost infrastructure funding to accelerate the delivery of housing, ensuring that works which support housing are prioritised and in locations in alignment with government planning and housing demand.


The NSW Government will provide access to $2.475 billion in infrastructure funding to accelerate the delivery of housing. This funding will include more direct infrastructure funding, support for councils to borrow funds so they can bring forward capital works and reforms to infrastructure contributions to ensure that developers make a fair contribution towards the costs of establishing communities.


The NSW Government will reserve $600 million, of Restart NSW funding for the Housing Acceleration Fund.


The HAF reviews and prioritises projects to support growth across NSW. The program is continually improving its approach to reviewing potential projects and building a robust framework for prioritisation, to ensure critical infrastructure is delivered where it is needed most to increase housing supply.


The program aligns with future growth strategies for the state.


By working collaboratively with key government stakeholders, local councils and private industry, to date the HAF has provided funding to over 30 projects contributing to the steady increase in housing supply since 2012 with a record 63,500 homes completed in 2017.


The HAF has completed 14 key infrastructure projects, creating new opportunities for housing through upgrades to roads in South West priority growth areas including Camden Valley Way and Richmond Road in Western Sydney.


The HAF has also contributed to critical water supply and drainage projects for growth in the Hunter, the North Coast and Sydney, and power supply projects in Western Sydney.


The Department is working with Infrastructure NSW and NSW Treasury to oversee the delivery of HAF projects with partners including RMS, Councils, utilities etc.


The HAF partners with key government agencies, including Sydney Water, Hunter Water, Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, Landcom, local councils and developers to prioritise the delivery of water, power, road and transport infrastructure to support the development of communities in NSW.


The New South Wales Government has committed $4.3 billion to make it easier for people to own their own home in NSW – particularly those buying their first property. The NSW Government is increasing the supply of housing, speeding up approvals and offering stamp duty relief to first home buyers.


In 2011, the NSW Government established the Restart NSW Fund to enable a range of high priority infrastructure projects to be funded and delivered. Infrastructure NSW is responsible for assessing and making recommendations to the Government for use of the Restart NSW Fund.


The purpose of the Restart NSW Fund is to improve economic growth and productivity by investing in major projects that will improve public transport, roads and the competitiveness of the State, as well as local infrastructure in regional areas that are affected by mining operations, health facilities, and workplaces for frontline Government staff. Restart NSW funds are used for major projects that will improve the productivity and competitiveness of the State across all sectors. They also support investment in local infrastructure in regional areas.


The HAF team can be contacted through the Contact Us page.


Page last updated: 30/10/2019