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Nobody knows Jindabyne better than those who live, work and play there.


We're engaging with the Jindabyne community on what they want to see in a future Jindabyne.


What's happening now?  

We are continuously working with the community to make Jindabyne a great place to live, work and play.

The community's vision and principles

In May 2019 we were in Jindabyne to hear the community's vision for the future of the town.


We have listened to the community and released their vision in the community-owned vision and principles [PDF, 1.08MB].


More than 250 people attended the events and hundreds of people shared their vision on postcards.


The visions shared are an important step in developing the Masterplan.


Read the vision and principles

What's happening next?

We are taking every opportunity to engage with the community and do research in the area.

Technical studies

We are finalising technical studies to create an evidence base to inform the Masterplan.


The studies will be in the fields of:

  • economic development
  • demographics and housing
  • environment and heritage
  • infrastructure and services, and
  • mobility and connectivity

The draft Masterplan

The draft Masterplan will be released for public exhibition within the coming months.


We'll be consulting far and wide with locals and visitors so everyone can have their say.


Our team will review feedback on the draft Masterplan and make changes as needed for release of the final Masterplan in 2020.


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What's happened so far?

Find out everything we have done so far in the creation of the Masterplan.

The community's statement

From November 2018 to the end of February 2019 we engaged the Jindabyne community and surrounding towns to understand the unique values, character and story of Jindabyne.


This allowed us to take part in open discussions about the future of the town, its challenges and its opportunities.


The sentiments and insights shared by the community are in the Community Statement [PDF, 9.14MB]. The Community Statement will help shape the development of the Go Jindabyne Masterplan.

Working Groups

We established two Community Working Groups and a Youth Working Group to represent the voices of the broader community at important milestones during the development of the Go Jindabyne Masterplan.


The groups consist of a wide range of local organisations and students from local schools that represent the diverse interests of residents including youth, education, economic development, tourism, arts, culture and Aboriginal communities.

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Page last updated: 16/08/2019