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We've put the spotlight on prominent locals from all corners of the community.


Find out what they love, don't love and their future hopes for the town in this interview series.

You can find a fuller read in the Community Statement.

Jo Larkin Jindabyne interview tile 430x278

Jo Larkin

Mountain bike instructor Jo Larkin discusses opportunities for Jindabyne to become more of a summer event destination. Read More
Helen Blackmore Jindabyne interview tile 430x278

Helen Blackmore-Lee

Snowy Mountains Neighbourhood Centre Coordinator Helen Blackmore-Lee talks of the need for “isolation-busting” social facilities to be built in Jindabyne. Read More
Steve Cuff Jindabyne interview tile 430x278

Steve Cuff

Snowy Mountains Magazine editor Steve Cuff suggests what needs to be done so businesses have a viable trade no matter what the season. Read More
JCS captains Jindabyne interview tile 430x278

Ian Grant and Lara Worsley

Jindabyne Central School Captains and Year 12 students Ian Grant and Lara Worsley talk about issues for youth in the town and their vision for its future. Read More
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Iris White

Monaro Ngargio woman and chair to the Southern Kosciusko Aboriginal Working Group, Iris White talks about the need for representation in the Jindabyne community. Read More
Manuela Berchtold Jindabyne interview tile 430x278

Manuela Berchtold

Former Olympic skier and fitness centre owner Manuela Berchtold says Jindabyne needs better transport and more indoor options for kids in winter. Read More