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NSW Department of Planning and Environment

A range of residences for Sydney’s growing population, surrounded by Australia’s natural beauty and situated within the South West Growth Area

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At a glance

Collaborative rezoning

The vision

Urban development of the Pondicherry Precinct will offer a range of housing options for Sydney’s growing population. Residents will have access to employment, schooling, green public spaces and the area’s largest shopping centre in Narellan. With major transport infrastructure – including the recently upgraded Camden Valley Way to the east and the adjoining Northern Road to the west – residents will be well connected to Greater Sydney. Tree-lined streets and revegetated riparian corridors will create a green, peaceful environment.

What's happened so far

In March 2018, the NSW Government released the Greater Sydney Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities, which provides further guidance for the management of growth within Sydney.

During 2018, extensive technical studies were conducted in the Pondicherry Precinct, including investigation into the area’s role in preserving biodiversity, its Aboriginal and non-Indigenous heritage, potential flooding and bushfire risks, and the potential needs of future residents.

The results of these studies were used to inform 2 planning proposals.

Under the new approach to precinct planning, Pondicherry is being managed collaboratively. In this instance, Camden Council is implementing the rezoning process for the precinct by adopting, and taking the lead on, 2 planning proposals.

Camden Council Planning Proposal was placed on public exhibition in June 2021. This proposal, known as 'Tranche 41’, seeks to rezone part of the precinct, which comprises 41 hectares of land. If the land is rezoned, it will facilitate approximately 470 dwellings, with an estimated population of 1,500 people and 2.13 hectares of open space.

Camden Council is assessing a further planning proposal that has not been formally adopted by council. The Pondicherry Precinct South West Growth Area Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the remainder of the precinct. Rezoning will allow development of housing to accommodate an estimated population of over 8,000 people. This proposal is supported by pedestrian and cycle links to the existing and future surrounding neighbourhoods and approximately 14.06 hectares of local open space, 12.8 hectares of playing fields and 5.55 hectares of riparian corridors.

What happens next

Camden Council is currently reviewing the Pondicherry Precinct South West Growth Area Planning Proposal. This process includes collaboration with various local and state-level stakeholders. It may result in council adopting the proposal and seeking public feedback.

Pondicherry precinct planning timeline

Precinct status name Studies & Investigation
Tmeline dates TBC
Precinct status name Draft framework
Tmeline dates TBC
Precinct status name On exhibition
Tmeline dates TBC
Precinct status name Submissions review
Tmeline dates TBC
Precinct status name Finalisation
Tmeline dates TBC
Precinct status name Complete
Tmeline dates TBC

More information on Pondicherry precinct

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Camden Council

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Downloads & resources

Planning Proposal - Camden Council (PDF, 12.3MB) baseline_trending_flat_black_24dp

Local Strategic Planning Statement – Camden Council (PDF, 14.5MB) baseline_trending_flat_black_24dp

The Plan for South West Growth Area baseline_trending_flat_black_24dp