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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Here is a snapshot of what the Bayside West Precincts 2036 Plan aims to achieve.

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Bayside West Precincts 2036 map 



Create connected town centres

Our aim is to revitalise the existing Arncliffe and Banksia town centres by expanding the retail area and allowing housing above shops in the town centres. This will add vibrancy and life to the area and allow people to live in close proximity to transport, jobs and the shops and services.

The Department has also committed $3 million in funding from the Precinct Support Scheme to Bayside Council for the revamp of the Arncliffe town centre.  

Plan for open space

The 2036 Plan will deliver a new 7,000 square-metre park, a short walk from Arncliffe town centre, on the corner of Arncliffe Street and Burrows Street. This park will be masterplanned in collaboration with Bayside Council and the local community to include recreation space, children’s play areas, an off-leash dog area and opportunities for community facilities.

The Department has committed to upgrading two parks through the Precinct Support Scheme funding. The funding will see a $4.5 million upgrade to Arncliffe Park and $2.5 million allocated for Gardiner Park improvements, these include the installation of synthetic playing fields which are much needed by the local sporting community and lighting and safety upgrades.

Additional areas of new open space and improvements to existing open space areas are identified within the 2036 Plan to meet the recreational needs of the community. This includes opportunities to open up private sites for public open space as large sites redevelop that can be considered through the Development Application process.

Cooks Cove

Precinct planning for Cooks Cove is limited to improvements to pedestrian, cycling and vehicle connections and public access to the riverfront. The 2036 Plan ensures Cooks Cove is well connected to the local catchment to support this Precinct for any future planning.

The 2036 Plan includes nine planning principles to ensure future development at Cooks Cove meets Government objectives. The planning principles include environmental, transport, liveability, urban design, open space, operational and ecological considerations for the sustainable development of Cooks Cove. 

Improve accessibility and create better transport connections

The 2036 Plan makes it easier to walk and cycle around the precincts by improving connections between homes, jobs, public transport stops and stations, parks and local services. The Plan identifies where the new and upgraded connections are required and the funding source to ensure a well-connected and accessible community for the future. 
The precinct planning for Bayside West also includes identified transport infrastructure upgrades to support the future growth in the Plan. These include State, regional and local upgrades such as intersection works, road extensions and realignments.

Create more housing choice

The 2036 Plan plans for a range of housing types, including detached dwellings, townhouses and apartments/units, to meet the varied needs of the community. The new housing is proposed in suitable locations to promote vibrant and active areas and get people living in convenient locations, close to transport, jobs and the shops and services they need.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation site on Eden Street, Arncliffe provides an opportunity for renewal of the social housing and to provide affordable housing on this site. Council will also undertake affordable housing investigations as part of the review of its local environmental plan.

Create a vibrant Princes Highway Corridor

The 2036 Plan proposes a greater mix of land uses, including residential, within sections of the Princes Highway around Arncliffe and Banksia. In these locations, the new resident population can easily access public transport services and local shops and services. 

The wider range of commercial uses will encourage revitalisation and boost economic opportunities along the corridor. It will also improve opportunities for people to work close to home and close to public transport. The growth of local jobs should also promote less reliance on private cars and the road network.

The Princes Highway has also been identified as an area for increased street tree planting and public domain upgrades to improve the comfort and liveability of this corridor.

Area west of Arncliffe Station

The 2036 Plan identifies the area west of Arncliffe Station as the subject of further investigation to consider opportunities for greater masterplanning and high quality urban design outcomes. 

The NSW Government has provided Bayside Council $2.5 million as part of the Accelerated Councils Program to assist with Council's comprehensive review of its local environmental plan within two years. The planning framework for this area will be finalised before or at the same time as Bayside Council adopts the local environmental plan.

In the interim, landowners can progress any proposed changes to planning controls through a planning proposal with Council.