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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Camellia-Rosehill precinct plays a significant strategic role in Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) through its contribution towards the GPOP economic corridor. However, it has some complicated constraints that require planning to be holistic and strategic, including the need for a co-ordinated remediation and flood strategy, a mechanism to fund infrastructure required to support growth and resolution of potential land use conflicts.


With Camellia-Rosehill soon to benefit from the Parramatta Light Rail, we plan to prepare a place strategy for the precinct, in collaboration with City of Parramatta, state agencies, landowners and the community.


The place strategy will examine Camellia-Rosehill’s potential to become a vibrant hub with more opportunities to be explored for the creation of jobs, housing, entertainment facilities, open space and a promenade along the Parramatta River, informed by detailed environmental studies.


Directions for Camellia Place Strategy

The Directions for Camellia-Rosehill Place Strategy paper outlines five possible key directions for the draft place strategy.


We want to know whether you think these are the right areas to focus on in Camellia-Rosehill, and how you think we can best explore these further. You can also let us know of any other important issues we need to consider.  


The five possible directions are: 

  • recognising and celebrating Country 
  • boosting economic activity and creating new jobs
  • improving connections to and within Camellia-Rosehill 
  • providing new homes, which are key to delivering placemaking outcomes  
  • delivering an integrated approach to environmental management and sustainability  

See the paper and have your say

Your feedback will help us prepare the draft place strategy for exhibition later this year. 


The draft place strategy will provide an integrated 20-year vision for the precinct, guide future land use and infrastructure investment, and ensure it makes economic sense. You will be able to give further feedback on this more detailed plan for Camellia-Rosehill’s future.


The place strategy will build on previous work and work underway, including:


Infrastructure in Camellia-Rosehill

In November 2019, the Greater Sydney Commission released the Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC)


The PIC is a strategic planning model that looks holistically at a place and how it can be planned to better align with growth. Read the government response to the Recommendations Report.


The PIC suggests two options for the future of Camellia-Rosehill. The land could be retained for urban services, or a new town centre could be developed in Camellia-Rosehill, providing issues such as land remediation and infrastructure needs are resolved before any rezoning.


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Page last updated: 15/09/2021