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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Interim Plan outlines actions to support the delivery of new homes and jobs. These will be monitored and updated regularly.


Action 1: Declare Greater Parramatta as a ‘Growth Area’

Declare Greater Parramatta as a ‘Growth Area’, reflecting its importance as a major economic opportunity for the West Central District and Greater Sydney.


Action 2: Deliver Key Infrastructure

Facilitate the delivery of key infrastructure to support growth. A Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) will fund State and regional infrastructure including roads and public transport, community facilities, health facilities, schools, parks and other public spaces and identification of additional projects for potential Housing Acceleration (HAF) funding.


Action 3: Commence New Precinct Investigations

Progress work on new Precincts:

  • Commence planning for a world class health, education and research ‘super’ precinct at Westmead in conjunction with the Westmead Alliance.
  • Work with Land and Housing Corporation and City of Parramatta to rejuvenate and transform Telopea into a vibrant neighbourhood which includes more social and affordable housing.
  • Commence planning investigations for Wentworthville, Burwood, Strathfield and Homebush precincts.


Action 4: Finalise Planning

Finalise planning for Sydney Olympic Park and Carter Street:

  • Finalise the 5 year review of the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 (2016 Review) with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, offering new opportunities for retail, office and residential space at Sydney Olympic Park and a more active and vibrant town centre, outside of major events.
  • Amend the plans for Carter Street to accommodate the westbound Hill Road Off Ramp.


Action 5: Promote Regional Connectivity and Activity

Enhance the area's open spaces, walkways and cycleways by providing funding through Special Infrastructure Contribution and Precinct Support Scheme for more open space along the Parramatta River for people to enjoy, as well as improving access with new and upgraded walking and cycling paths.


Action 6: Enhance Transport and Connectivity Infrastructure

Continue to work with Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services to create an accessible and well connected accessible city including:

  • Planning for future major projects such as the Parramatta Light Rail and Sydney Metro West.
  • Developing a traffic and transport solution for the Camellia Precinct so that planning for additional jobs and homes can progress.


Action 7: Collaborate with City of Parramatta

Work with the City of Parramatta to advance the planning proposal for Parramatta CBD to strengthen its commercial core, provide additional jobs and homes to promote Parramatta CBD as Sydney’s central city.



For more information about the key actions please view the Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan.