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FAQs Lowes Creek Maryland

Lowes Creek Maryland is a new precinct planned for Sydney's South West Growth Area. It is approximately 8 kilometres from the future Western Sydney Aerotropolis and 47 kilometres from Parramatta CBD.

The draft Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct Plan will guide the future development of the area. It forms the basis of a draft zoning plan which will allow for urban development within the precinct.


The draft Precinct Plan has been developed by the Department of Planning and Environment in collaboration with Camden Council and in consultation with Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW, the Department of Education, Sydney Water, the Office of Environment and Heritage and other government agencies to make sure the precinct has the services and infrastructure it needs to support a new community.

The draft Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct Plan (the draft Precinct Plan) will guide the creation of a community from the ground up.


The draft Precinct Plan has been developed by the Department of Planning and Environment, in collaboration with Camden Council, and in consultation with Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW, the Department of Education, Sydney Water, Endeavour Energy, the Office of Environment and Heritage, and other government agencies to make sure the Precinct will have the services and infrastructure needed to support a new community.


The draft Precinct Plan maps out new land uses in the precinct, including new areas for homes. It also identifies key infrastructure needed, including:

  • a local centre
  • a proposed school
  • a proposed community centre
  • parks and playing fields
  • drainage infrastructure
  • road infrastructure

The draft Precinct Plan also aims to protect and conserve environmental corridors and several key heritage sites. These sites, including their extensive landscaped grounds, will be opened up for public use by the landowner. The design of the precinct, including its streets and parkland areas, has focused on the protection of these heritage items, their views and vistas.

The proposed road network is designed to create connectivity within the Precinct and to the surrounding region. This includes multiple access via The Northern Road.


The draft Precinct Plan provides for footpaths and on- and off-road cycleways to encourage a healthy and well-connected community.


The proposed Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport rail line is located just outside of the precinct, to the east of The Northern Road and will ultimately provide for greater travel options for future residents. Future bus services from the precinct will connect to the future train stations on this rail Line.


Access arrangements to the proposed highway service site and bulky goods site have been negotiated with Roads and Maritime Services to maintain the efficient operation of The Northern Road and enable safe access to these two sites.

The draft Precinct Plan proposes 63 hectares of new open space including six double (12 single) playing fields and several local parks.


In addition, a community facility has been positioned to share an area of public open space close to the local centre and proposed school site.


The location of the community facility and proposed school site were informed with input from Camden Council and Department of Education.


The draft Precinct Plan allows for land for a potential K-12 school, directly across from the local centre and playing fields.

The Precinct is within 8km of the proposed Western Sydney Aerotropolis which is targeted to provide for jobs adjacent to the proposed Western Sydney Airport.


Employment opportunities will also be provided within a number of proposed areas within the precinct including the local centre adjacent to the Maryland Homestead, a mixed-use area near The Northern Road on both sides of the proposed collector road, and separate highway services and bulky goods sites fronting The Northern Road.

Proposed zoning and development controls will protect existing native vegetation and the riparian corridors of Lowes Creek and its tributaries which connect to South Creek, which offers the opportunity to create a green spine and linkages throughout the precinct for future residents to enjoy.


The draft Precinct Plan will also protect areas of Aboriginal heritage.


It will protect approximately 21 hectares of existing native vegetation across the precinct.


The land around the Maryland and Birling homesteads have been planned to respect and complement the heritage values of the sites and allow the future community to access these areas through appropriate land uses. These sites, and in particular Maryland, will become focal points for the future community to appreciate the heritage of the sites, and become a place they will be proud of.


Key views to and from these important sites will be retained through open space linkages and road alignments to maintain the historic connections between them.

The flooding extent within the precinct has been informed by a detailed flood modelling analysis to confirm the 1:100 chance per year flood level. This level sets the minimum ground level above which urban development can occur.

Land below the 1:100 chance per year flood level is not suitable for urban development due to the risk to people and property and is proposed for public open space and to be owned by Camden Council.

Water, wastewater and electricity will be delivered by the relevant authority (such as Sydney Water and Endeavour Energy) or the developer. Existing services will need to be extended and some new services will be required to support all new homes.

  • Water: New water mains will need to be constructed to service the precinct. Sydney Water has commenced studies for this infrastructure. The developers will be responsible for the delivery of the precinct trunks mains and reticulation mains.
  • Wastewater: Wastewater infrastructure is required to fully service the precinct. Sydney Water is planning to provide sewer services to the precinct by 2022 to service approximately 4,000 homes. Extensions to this infrastructure will continue to occur as the precinct is built. This new waste water infrastructure will be developed as part of the broader servicing strategy for the South Creek catchment.
  • Electricity: Electricity will be provided by the proposed zone substation located within the precinct at a site fronting The Northern Road.

Local infrastructure will be delivered using a combination of methods, including coordinated funding through a Contributions Plan under Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as local contributions, as well as developer funded arrangements between the developer and Camden Council.


Camden Council will prepare a draft Section 7.11 Contributions Plan for the precinct which will be publicly exhibited in 2019. 

The draft Precinct Plan identifies local infrastructure that will be funded under the Contributions Plan, which has been agreed to by Camden Council.

The Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct falls within the Western Sydney Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC) where contributions are collected to fund regional infrastructure. SIC funding supports the delivery of infrastructure such as:

  • State and regional roads
  • Transport facilities including bus shelters and interchanges
  • Regional open space, footpaths and cycleways
  • Social infrastructure such as schools, healthcare and emergency services.

Special infrastructure contributions are paid by anyone developing and delivering residential dwellings within a Special Contribution Area, and anyone subdividing land. This means in the Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct, infrastructure will be developed alongside new homes to support the community as it grows.

The precinct was released for detailed precinct planning on 9 October 2015 by the Minister for Planning and Environment as an accelerated precinct under the Precinct Acceleration Protocol.


The Department wrote to all landowners within the precinct and published initial information relating to the precinct in October 2015. A landowner workshop was held on 26 May 2016 to discuss the precinct planning process and offer an opportunity for landowners to ask questions.


The exhibition period is an important time for consultation. The community will be able to view the proposed plans and reports and provide feedback by making a submission. Submission can be made until 9 November 2018. The Department will consider all submission and make necessary improvements to the precinct plan before any rezoning decisions are made.

More information

  • call us on 1300 305 695 and
  • if English isn’t your first language, please call 131 450. Ask for an interpreter in your language and then request to be connected to our Information Centre on 1300 305 695. 
  • email

Feedback is welcomed from anyone, including Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct landowners and residents, as well as anyone in the broader community.

Following the exhibition period, submissions will be reviewed and any required amendments incorporated into the final Precinct Plan. Subsequently the Department of Planning and Environment may make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning and Environment to rezone the precinct and then Camden Council will become the consent authority.

Page last updated: 03/10/2018