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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Over the next 30-40 years, up to 90,000 homes could be developed in the North West Growth Area, 20,000 more than originally envisaged ten years ago. Our Plan will balance the needs of residents with the timely delivery of infrastructure, services and facilities.


It is anticipated that around 33,000 new homes will be delivered in the North West Growth Area over the next ten years. When the area is fully developed, it will provide homes for up to 250,000 people.

Type of housing

Family homes still make up the majority of housing in the growth area, but there is growing demand for more diverse housing types like terraces, apartments and studios. House and land sizes are decreasing as convenience and housing affordability becomes increasingly important. Our implementation plan is responding to these changes by ensuring that a range of housing types at different price points is available, giving people more choice when it comes to owning their own home.


The graph below shows that number of new homes that can be delivered in each of the precincts that makes up the North West Growth Area.

Dwelling Growth

north west priority growth area graph dwelling forecast north west strategy 834x345px


We're planning for local employment opportunities for growing communities.


Currently, there is enough land zoned for employment and industrial purposes in the North West Growth Area to support more than 43,000 jobs.


Our Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan identifies opportunities for additional employment lands which will continue to support the development of key areas such as Marsden Park, which is expected to provide over


The Implementation Plan also identifies a growth corridor between Marsden Park and Rouse Hill which will focus on supporting job growth and specific land uses within the corridor.