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Plans for a vibrant new bushland community in North Wilton, with a new school, local jobs, local centre and lakeside community hub.

We are planning for thriving, attractive and well–connected communities to add to the pipeline of new homes needed for a growing Greater Sydney. North Wilton will be a place where people can live and work and enjoy good access to open spaces, community facilities, public transport, shops and services.


We have worked with the proponent (Bradcorp), Wollondilly Shire Council, Transport for NSW, Department of Education and other NSW Government agencies on the plans for the North Wilton Precinct.


The exhibition period is now closed. You can view the submissions at the Departments Plans Policies website.


Thank you for attending the recent Department of Planning and Environment community drop-in sessions. More than 200 people came along to find out more about the plans for North Wilton. We really appreciate the time you took to learn more about the plans for your area and to provide feedback.


Some of the key issues that you told us about at the drop-in sessions include:

  • High School capacity many families have children nearing the end of primary and have concerns about where they can go for high school
  • Transport concerns surrounding the current rail network and the need for electrification in the near future
  • Traffic there is little transport in the area, not designed for large population
  • Timing for rezoning
  • Process there is a lack of clarity around the planning process (i.e. difference between a LUIIP and a precinct plan) and
  • Employment lack of options for industry jobs (i.e. trades) is a concern.

Plan highlights

The draft plan for North Wilton aims to:

Plan for a variety of housing

We are planning for a growing population in North Wilton over the next 20 to 30 years. A variety of types of homes will be built, with most homes being detached houses. Some townhouses and terraces will be built around the village centres.


Planning for North Wilton has balanced the number of new homes with the infrastructure and services required, to meet the needs of the growing community.

Create a new local centre and schools

A local centre is proposed in the north of the precinct and will include a new primary school and open space. A new K-12 private Anglican school will be located at the south of the precinct, as well as open space and services that growing communities need.


A Lakeside Activity Hub is proposed as part of the village centre in the south of the precinct, providing an attractive focus and meeting place for the local community.


Create local jobs

Focused on the local centre and proposed employment areas, 5,500 local jobs will support the growth of Wilton. These jobs will reduce the need for long commutes to work, giving families more time to spend together.


Provide essential infrastructure

Infrastructure needed for new communities to grow, including water, sewerage, electricity and roads, and the timing for it to be delivered. Infrastructure will be provided by the proponent, Bradcorp as identified in the Wilton Interim Land Use Infrastructure and Implementation Plan (LUIIP). Homes in the precinct would be built in stages, keeping pace with the delivery of infrastructure.


Improve connections by extending the road network

To support access for the future community and new transport infrastructure, the landowner has committed to several road and intersection upgrades as part of the draft plan. These include:

  • An initial upgrade of the Hume Highway and Picton Road interchange; and
  • New freeway entry and exit ramps connected to the Hume Highway.

We are continuing to work on transport needs to determine the final road network and public transport requirements.


Provide more public transport options

A bus route will run through the precinct, and walking and off-road cycling paths will encourage active travel. We are continuing to work to determine the final public transport requirements in the Wilton Growth Area.


Provide open spaces and parks

Land will be set aside for open space for the new community. Areas will include parks and paths around waterways and bushland, including a number of sports ovals. The proposed Lakeside Activity Hub would also include open space areas.


Protect the environment and heritage

The draft Plan considers and responds to the local landscape including views, creeks and environmentally sensitive vegetation. New homes will be located close to open space and enjoy views of local and neighbourhood parks as well as existing bushland around the periphery of the precinct. Conserving koala habitat areas and corridors is important throughout the Wilton Growth Area to ensure protection of local koala colonies in Wollondilly. Care will be taken to manage the boundary between conservation land (including koala habitats) and urban development.


Manage the risk of bushfires

Land around the periphery of the precinct contains bushfire prone vegetation. 385 hectares of environmental significant lands will be protected in an environmental conservation zone. Most of this land falls under the proposed environmental conservation zone, so is unsuitable for development. The precinct will generally have perimeter roads next to bushland that will help protect developed areas against bushfires. An asset protection zone (APZ) will be put in place to help manage bushfire risk.


Next steps

We will be in touch with you again in regard to the plans for North Wilton and will keep you updated as plans progress for your community in the Wilton Growth Area.


We are keen to hear what you think of the draft Plan and what infrastructure and local amenities you think are important. Speak to us:

  • phone 1300 305 695 or
  • phone 131 450 for a translating / interpreting service.

Key actions and documents

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Page last updated: 05/10/2018