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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Schofields Town Centre

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Map of Schofields Town Centre 


The Investigation Boundary for Schofields Town Centre was initially guided by the 800m walking catchment to the station. Other local characteristics that helped define the Investigation Boundary include:   

  • Northern boundary: This has been guided by the 800m walking catchment from the station, the existing road network including Grange Avenue and Advance Street, and the boundary between land zoned as R3 Medium Density Residential and R2 Low Density Residential. Land further east, both north and south of Schofields Road, is also included to enable the review of connectivity between these areas. 
  • Western boundary: The Eastern Creek riparian corridor to the west of the Town Centre forms a natural western boundary to the precinct. 
  • Southern boundary: Burdekin Road is a logical physical boundary to form the southern extent of the precinct coinciding with the 800m walking catchment.
  • Eastern boundary: This has been informed by the considerable amount of current and planned development activity in the area, particularly around the periphery of the Investigation Boundary. 

The Department, in consultation with Blacktown City Council, will now work with several specialist consultants to develop land use options for the future of Schofields Town Centre.