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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Plans for a vibrant new community in South East Wilton

We want to create thriving, attractive and well-connected communities, where people can live and work with good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.


We have worked with Walker Corporation (the proponent), Wollondilly Shire Council, Transport for NSW and other State agencies on the planning for the South East Wilton Precinct. The plans for South East Wilton have now been finalised and the area has been rezoned under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (Growth Centres SEPP).


Watch the video South East Wilton: rezoning complete



The following changes have been made to the final plan for the precinct, arising from submissions made and consultation with State agencies:

  • a double sports ground has been relocated to adjoin the proposed school site,
  • an adjustment made to the potential school site size to two hectares (with the agreement of the Department of Education) due to the proposed co-location of open space,
  • two additional neighbourhood parks have been added,
  • a corridor for the management and conservation of local koala populations has been established on the eastern side of the precinct,
  • a small expansion to urban area in south east corner of the precinct is proposed to balance the area used in the creation of the koala corridor,
  • an additional perimeter road is located along the north–western edge of the precinct and
  • an additional water detention basin and several rain gardens are included.

These changes are indicated on the Precinct Structure Plan below.


South East Wilton Precinct Structure Plan


South East Wilton Precinct Structure Plan


Consultation and feedback

Community drop–in sessions

Community members were invited to three drop–in sessions to find out more about the draft plan for South East Wilton and to ask questions. Sessions were held at Wilton Public School and at the Wollondilly Shire Hall in Picton, with around 300 people attending across the three sessions.


We thank those who attended the sessions and who have made a submission on the draft plan for South East Wilton. The main issues raised in the submissions included:

  • the South East Wilton Precinct Plan;
  • the road network - particularly the interchange of major connecting roads;
  • planning controls proposed for land including building density and height;
  • upgrades to the existing railway network;
  • the provision of adequate health and emergency services;
  • the provision of educational infrastructure; and
  • protection of the environment.

For more information view the submissions and the finalisation report.


The plan highlights

The precinct plan for South East Wilton aims to:

Create a new village centre and primary school

A village centre including a supermarket and community facilities are planned to meet the local shopping needs of future residents. The village centre will be conveniently located, providing easy access to a proposed future primary school.


Protect the environment and koala habitat

The precinct plan considers and responds to the local landscape including views, creeks and high biodiversity value vegetation. New homes will be located close to open space and enjoy views of local and neighbourhood parks. A significant area of the precinct has been set aside for environmental conservation.


A number of protective measures are proposed by the proponent to minimise impacts on koalas, a vulnerable species listed under the EPBC Act on 2 May 2012 and are therefore a Matter of National Environmental Significance (MNES).The environmental conservation area adjacent to the western side of the Allens Creek corridor is being widened to provide a protected area for koala movements.


Provide open spaces and parks


Land will be set aside for open space for the new community. This includes parks and paths around waterways and the environmental conservation areas, as well as places for organised sport, including sports ovals.


Provide more public transport options

A bus capable route will run east–west through the precinct so that 90% of residents will be within walking distance (400m) of a future bus connection. We are continuing to work to determine the final public transport requirements for the Wilton New Town.


Create a mix of housing

Planning for South East Wilton is based on a future population of around 9,600 residents. Over the next 20 to 30 years a variety of types of homes will be built, from homes on very large blocks to homes on smaller lots, as well as terrace housing around the village centre.


South East Wilton could accommodate up to 3, 600 new homes. Planning for this precinct has balanced this number of new homes with the infrastructure and services required, ensuring that the needs of future residents are met.


Provide essential infrastructure

The precinct plan identifies the infrastructure needed for development to occur including water, sewerage, electricity and roads, and the timing for it to be delivered. Infrastructure will be provided at no cost to government. Funding from the proponent for State and regional infrastructure in South East Wilton will be provided. The proponent has agreed to meet any additional costs identified in the Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC).


Improve connections by extending the road network

The proponent has committed to several road and intersection upgrades as part of the precinct plan. They will:

  • fund part of the upgrade of the Hume Highway and Picton Road interchange;
  • upgrade the intersection at Picton Road and Pembroke Parade;
  • build a new bridge over Picton Road at Almond Street;
  • contribute to the duplication of Picton Road between the Hume Highway and Almond Street; and
  • build a new bridge over Picton Road at Pembroke Parade West.


Manage the risk of bushfires

Land in the southern part of the precinct contains bushfire prone vegetation. Most of this land falls within the environmental conservation zone. The precinct generally has perimeter roads next to bushland and setbacks that will help protect developed areas against bushfires.



More information

  • you can contact us by phone on 1300 305 695 and
  • if English is not your first language phone 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language, then ask to be connected to the Department of Planning and Environment on 1300 305 695.

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