NSW Department of Planning and Environment


We are working with local councils, agencies and communities to help provide new homes in the South West Growth Area that are close to jobs, parks, schools and services.



The Department worked closely with Liverpool City Council, Campbelltown Council and stakeholders to take a coordinated approach to planning for new homes and essential infrastructure, to help meet community needs in Edmondson Park.


Releasing land for housing means Sydneysiders will have access to a range of homes that suit different needs, budgets and lifestyle choices. It also helps to place downward pressure on housing prices.


The new revitalised community at Edmondson Park will benefit from up to 6,000 new homes which are close to transport options, such as the new Edmondson Park Station, parks and shops.


Edmondson Park has rapidly developed since the completion of new planning controls. For more information visit the delivery program below.


South West Growth Area

Edmondson Park is part of the South West Growth Area.


Precinct plan

Edmondson Park was rezoned in May 2008 under the Local Environmental Plans prepared by Liverpool and Campbelltown Councils, and is also zoned under the State Significant Precincts.


The Department maintains a role in regional infrastructure co-ordination and delivery, as well as bio-certification. The planning delivery and consent roles are administered by Liverpool and Campbelltown Councils.


For more information about zoning and current planning controls, please contact the relevant Council.


Further information

Archived documents for this precinct are available on the Growth Centres Commission website.

Page last updated: 21/01/2021