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The Draft 2036 Plan provides for the following infrastructure to support the growing community in the St Leonards and Crows Nest area:

  • A site for a new school is under investigation is and proposed to be partly funded by the SIC; 
  • Upgraded cycle lanes;
  • Pedestrian crossing improvements; 
  • New open space; and 
  • Upgrades to existing open space including SIC funding for a new regional playground at Gore Hill Oval.

The Draft Green Plan has been prepared to guide the planning and design of open space and tree canopy across the study area. The Draft Plan proposes to:

  • Expand Hume Street Park to create a true ‘village green’ in the heart of the area;
  • Expand an existing pocket park along Lithgow Street; 
  • Introduce setbacks on  Oxley, Mitchell and Chandos Streets to provide space for more canopy trees;
  • Require setbacks for avenue tree planting in front of new buildings along Pacific Highway;
  • Retain and enhance street trees on Willoughby Road; and 
  • Establish new green links south towards Berry Island and Greenwich Point Reserve and north towards Tunks Park.
The NSW Department of Education has indicated that growth in the area to 2036 will require planning for the equivalent of one to two new primary schools and one high school. This is likely to result in the form of one new Kindergarten to Year 12 school.
  • Community feedback emphasised the significance the local community places on heritage in the area. 
  • No changes are proposed to Heritage Conservation Areas and the status of individual heritage items in the Draft Plan.
  • Built form recommendations in the Draft Plan also provide guidance for development near or adjoining heritage items and conservation areas drawn from the heritage study.

The rezoning proposal applies to a site comprising three blocks, fronting the Pacific Highway and Clarke Street at Crows Nest. A map illustrating the three blocks can be seen below:

map showing land owned by sydney metro authority proposed to be rezoned for crows nest metro site
The site is in NSW Government ownership and is the location of the new Sydney Metro Station at Crows Nest.

The rezoning proposes increasing building heights to a maximum of 27 storeys (RL 183).

More information on the Sydney Metro Crows Nest project can be found through the links below:

This Sydney Metro project is identified as State Significant Infrastructure and includes the approval of new rail line including tunnels, new stations and associated infrastructure. Early works for Stage 1 are currently underway.

Sydney Metro have submitted a Concept State Significant Development Application seeking consent for the broad concept for an Over Station Development above the Crows Nest Metro Station.

When the draft 2036 Plan is finalised, it will be the responsibility of each relevant Council to progress planning proposals through amendments to their respective Local Environmental Plans.

A new Sydney Metro Station will be delivered at Crows Nest and be operational from 2024. Trains will reach Martin Place in 7 minutes and Central Station in 11 minutes.

  • Lane Cove Council exhibited a planning proposal for the St Leonards South masterplan area between October 2017 and January 2018. The planning proposal is for a change to the existing zoning to allow for higher density residential development of between four and 19 storeys. 
  • If rezoned as exhibited, the proposal could provide capacity for up to 2,400 new homes.
  • The Draft 2036 Plan recommends referral of the proposal to an independent panel for review to ensure consistency with conditions of the Gateway Determination and the draft 2036 Plan.
  • Following the exhibition, the Department will consider all submissions on the draft Local Character Statement, draft Green Plan, draft 2036 Plan, draft Special Infrastructure Contribution and draft Rezoning Proposal and make changes where appropriate.
  • The Planning Package will then be submitted to the Minister for Planning for determination.
  • If approved, the Department will release the final Plan and submissions report, that summarises the feedback received during exhibition, on the Department’s website.
  • The rezoning proposal for the Crows Nest Sydney Metro site will also be progressed for rezoning and future development assessed by the NSW Government.
  • It will be the responsibility of Councils to implement the recommendations of the final Plan as part of each Council’s new Local Environmental Plan. 

We are seeking your feedback on the draft Local Character Statement, draft Green Plan, draft 2036 Plan, draft Special Infrastructure Contribution and draft Rezoning Proposal. Please go to Consultation and feedback for details on how to make a submission.