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About the Rezoning Proposal

The Sydney Metro project, Australia’s largest transport project, is a city-shaping project. The NSW Government has invested more than $11 billion on the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project.


This significant public investment in world-class transport infrastructure brings with it a number of benefits and opportunities for transit-oriented development.


The existing planning controls for the Sydney Metro sites were adopted in 2013, prior to any commitment by the NSW Government to deliver the Sydney Metro project, including a new station at Crows Nest.


The Department has prepared a Rezoning Report that proposes to amend North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013 to facilitate Integrated Station Development on the Crows Nest Sydney Metro station site, shown in the map below:


map Crows Nest metro station sites context map


Proposed Changes to Existing Planning Controls

The Rezoning Report proposes the following amendments to existing planning controls to enable development above the Sydney Metro station:

  • Increasing heights to a maximum of RL 183 (equivalent to 27 storeys):
  • Introducing an overall floor space ratio (FSR) to the site, including a minimum non-residential to encourage employment uses; and
  • Introduction of a Design Excellence clause to ensure best-practice design



The rezoning proposal is on exhibition, and we encourage you to have your say until 8 February 2019. Feedback collected will be considered and used to update the Rezoning Proposal.


The Environmental Impact Statement for the concept state significant development application for the Crows Nest Over Station Development is also on public exhibition until 8 February 2019. The Department encourages feedback from the community, government agencies and other stakeholders during public exhibition. For more information, please visit our Crows Nest Over Station Development webpage.


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Diagram showing Rezoning progress


Crows Nest Metro Over Station Development – Application also on exhibition

Sydney Metro have submitted a State Significant Development Application seeking consent for the broad concept for an Over Station Development above the Crows Nest Metro Station, including maximum building envelopes, gross floor area, land uses, car parking, signage and associated development strategies.


The concept application is on public exhibition until 8 February 2019.


Find out more about the concept development application.


Make an online submission


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St Leonards and Crows Nest request for SEARs progress diagram


State Significant Infrastructure

This Sydney Metro project is identified as State Significant Infrastructure and includes the approval of new rail line, tunnels, new stations and associated infrastructure. Early works for City and Southwest Stage 1 are currently underway. Visit the Sydney Metro webpage.