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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Strategy provides a planned approach to growth, with infrastructure delivery and development co-ordinated along the corridor.


The Strategy plans for new homes and jobs over the next 20 years and builds on the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project.


There are 11 station precincts within the corridor. They are already great places to live, and each has its own unique qualities. This Strategy will enhance the precincts by: valuing neighbourhood character, renewing town centres, providing improved open spaces and community services and facilities.


A community information session was held at Dulwich Hill on 16/08/2017. A description of this event can be viewed at the link below:
Media release


Exhibition on the revised draft Strategy closed on 3 September. We are now considering the community submissions and working on the Final Strategy. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.


Our vision for Dulwich Hill is:

  • A local centre that provides a high quality living environment with good transport connections.
  • Pockets of new homes will help to bring a greater range of activity and housing options to Dulwich Hill.
  • Support the heritage and conservation areas which contribute to the character of the area along with the ‘village-like’ feel of the neighbourhood.
  • Improve the quality of the footpaths, street trees and lighting, especially around Wardell Road and the metro station, to create an enhanced local centre.
  • A potential new park along the rail line could provide a new and interesting place for leisure and recreation.


What’s changed

This map shows the key changes that have been made to the Dulwich Hill Station Precinct Plan as a result of your feedback.


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The following key actions will be delivered in the next 12 months:

Action Description
Design of GreenWay South West The Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) is preparing a concept landscape master plan for a shared pedestrian and cycle link and linear park should surplus rail land become available.
Construction of Greenway Inner West Council will complete the ‘missing link’ of the Greenway connecting Iron Cove to the Cooks’ River.
Public Domain and Station Access Plan Sydney Metro will prepare a Public Domain and Station Access Plan for improved station design, accessibility and interchange with other modes of transport. The new metro station at Dulwich Hill will provide improved pedestrian and bicycle access.
Finalisation of the Strategy and Local Planning Direction DP&E will finalise the Strategy including a local planning direction (a Section 9.1 Direction) to guide future development.
Special Infrastructure Contribution DP&E is preparing a draft Special Infrastructure Contribution plan (SIC) to identify the regional infrastructure improvements required to support growth in the Corridor. The SIC levy will fund a range of community, transport and open space infrastructure.
Planning for Schools The Department of Education will identify locations for new or expanded schools within the corridor based on the growth proposed in the Strategy.
Precinct Support Scheme Funding DP&E will provide funding to Councils through the Precinct Support Scheme to improve amenity and infrastructure within the Corridor.
Heritage Conservation Inner West Council will prepare a planning proposal to formalise the protection of potential heritage conservation areas on Ewart Street and Wardell Road.

Next steps

We will use community feedback to produce the final Strategy. Once finalised, we will continue to work with stakeholders to deliver the Strategy and plans over the coming years.


Previous feedback

We released the initial draft Strategy and precinct plans in October 2015. Over the past 18 months we’ve also been talking and listening to community feedback to develop the revised draft strategy. You told us:

  • Heritage and low density Federation streetscapes need to be preserved such as along Macarthur Parade and Durham Street
  • Growth needs to be focused on industrial and under-utilised land such as New Canterbury Road.
  • There is some support for redevelopment on Hercules Street provided impacts on surrounding existing dwellings are managed.
  • Biodiversity, particularly the impact on the long-nosed bandicoot needs to be considered.
  • Increased development needs to be supported by improved parks and open space.
  • Good design of residential apartments is important.


More detailed information on your feedback can be found in the Dulwich Hill Station Precinct Plan.

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