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A Vision for Telopea

The master plan for Telopea sets out a vision for a vibrant, diverse, cohesive community. A community in which people enjoy greater housing choice, in an area with good access to public transport, community facilities, open spaces, shops and cafes.


The plan capitalises on the benefits of the Parramatta Light Rail, which will deliver more services and direct access to Parramatta and the world-class education and health facilities at Westmead.


The master plan for revitalising Telopea was set out in A Vision for Telopea: Master Plan Report. Prepared by NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and City of Parramatta Council (Council) with extensive community and stakeholder input, the master plan report was endorsed in principle by Council in March 2017.


The Department is working closely with LAHC, Council and the community to take the next step in turning the vision into reality.


We have prepared the Telopea precinct proposal, including a rezoning proposal which sets out the proposed land uses and built form to implement the master plan (known as the Stage 1 rezoning) and the infrastructure required to support these changes. It also investigates opportunities for future development.


The precinct proposal was on exhibition 13 October - 24 November 2017. We are now reviewing community feedback to prepare the final precinct plan for the Stage 1 rezoning.



Precinct Support Scheme

The NSW State Government has allocated approximately $5 million in Precinct Support Scheme funding towards upgrading local infrastructure – such as parks and streetscapes - in the Telopea precinct to directly benefit the community. 


As an example, the funding could be used to improve lighting and facilities in Sturt Park and Acacia Park, reflecting feedback from the community that a lack of amenities means both parks are under utilised. 


The Department is working with Council on its plans to utilise the Precinct Support Scheme funding. 

How are we planning for Telopea precinct?

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