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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Frequently Asked Questions

West Schofields is in the Blacktown local government area, in the North West Growth Area. The precinct is bordered by Garfield Road to the north, Railway Terrace and Eastern Creek to the east, Towson Road and Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course to the south, and Bells Creek to the west. It is approximately 5km from Schofields town centre. A map of the North West Growth Area, which shows West Schofields’ location, is available below.


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West Schofields map

Blacktown City Council will be responsible for preparing a contributions plan to fund necessary local infrastructure such as open space, local roads and drainage works. Council has been a partner in the development of the draft masterplan.

West Schofields is subject to localised flooding from nearby creeks and waterways, as well as regional flooding from the Hawkesbury–Nepean River. The draft masterplan ensures new houses will not be located in high risk flood areas and evacuation routes will allow residents to leave the area safely in the event of an emergency.


As part of the masterplanning process, a range of potential flood events were modelled. Modelling identified the 1 in 100 chance per year flood level, and the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) level. A map showing the areas affected by these two levels is shown below.


The masterplan will not allow any new homes to be built in the 1 in 100 chance per year flood area. The number of homes within the PMF area has been capped at 2000 to ensure safe evacuation. These measures were determined in consultation with the Hawkesbury-Nepean Flood Management Directorate.


The masterplan and supporting development controls will include building and design controls to increase the resilience of homes in extreme flood events, allowing easier recovery.


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West Schofields flooding map

West Schofields falls within an area where Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC) are collected to fund regional infrastructure. SIC funding supports the delivery of infrastructure such as:

  • State and regional roads
  • Transport facilities including bus shelters and interchanges
  • Regional open space, footpaths and cycleways
  • Social infrastructure such as schools, healthcare and emergency services.


Special infrastructure contributions are paid by anyone developing and delivering residential dwellings within a Special Contribution Area, and anyone subdividing land. This means that in the West Schofields precinct, infrastructure will be developed alongside new homes, to support the community as it grows.

Water, wastewater and electricity will be delivered by the relevant authority (such as Sydney Water and Endeavour Energy) or the developer, depending on the situation. Existing services will need to be extended, and some new services will be required to support all new homes in the precinct. 

  • Water: New water mains will need to be extended from the existing system to service the precinct. A new main is proposed to be built along Schofields Road by the end of 2019. 
  • Wastewater: Significant infrastructure is required to fully service West Schofields. The southern part of the precinct will likely be serviced first.  
  • Electricity: Electricity will come from the Schofields zone substation, which has capacity to service up to 500 homes in the region before needing to be upgraded with new feeders. The first new homes in West Schofields will likely be able to use this. New feeders will be required from the Schofields zone substation by 2021 to fully support the new precinct.

Residents will be able to access the Sydney Metro Northwest at Tallawong Station, due to open in 2019. The existing Schofields and Riverstone train stations are also nearby.

The masterplan allows for footpaths and on and off-road cycleways to encourage a healthy and well-connected community. 

In addition, drivers will be able to access the precinct via Garfield Road, which is due to be widened and upgraded, the future Towson Road/Burdekin Road extension (known as Burdekin Link Road) and Schofields Road which is currently being upgraded and widened.  


The masterplan proposes more than 108 hectares of new open space including 12 double playing fields and several local parks. These facilities will support the residents of the greater North West Growth Area and future residents of West Schofields.


The masterplan provides the opportunity to create a Green Grid in the precinct. Combining the Green Grid with pedestrian and cycle paths will improve connections within West Schofields and to its neighbours.


The masterplan allows for land for a potential primary school and, in the local centre, a community facility.

The Department held landowner information sessions in April and May 2016 and newsletters were released in August 2016 and May 2017. The Department also wrote to all landowners in August 2017 regarding the Transport Corridor.

The exhibition period is an important time for consultation. The community will be able to view the proposed plans and reports and provide feedback by making a submission. Submissions can be made until Friday 28 September 2018. The Department will consider all submissions and make necessary improvements to the precinct plan before any rezoning decisions are made. 


The draft West Schofields masterplan will guide the precinct’s creation from the ground up. It forms the basis of a draft zoning plan which will allow for growth of the precinct.


The masterplan has been developed by the Department of Planning and Environment in collaboration with Blacktown City Council and in consultation with Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW, the Department of Education, Sydney Water, the Office of Environment and Heritage, and other government agencies to make sure the precinct has the services and infrastructure it needs to support a new community.

The draft masterplan maps out new land uses in the precinct, including areas for new homes to support Sydney’s growing population. It also identifies key infrastructure needed, including:

  • a local centre
  • new cycleways and footpaths
  • road upgrades
  • parks and playing fields

The masterplan also examines the precinct’s context and plans for environmental and heritage conservation.

The draft masterplan will be on exhibition for four weeks for community review and feedback. 
Help shape the future character of West Schofields by providing feedback on the draft West Schofields masterplan before 28 September 2018. 


  • Make a submission :A formal submission allows you to provide feedback and ideas which address specific points in the draft masterplan. Your submission will be published but you may request that your name and address are not displayed on the Department’s website or alongside your submission. 
  • Meet the project team to ask your questions in person at one of our drop-in sessions:

    Wednesday 12 September 4pm – 7pm
    Saturday 15 September 10am – 1pm

Both drop-in sessions will be held at: 


Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club 
23 Market Street, Riverstone NSW 2756



West Schofields will have easy access to jobs in nearby Marsden Park and Marsden Park Industrial precincts and the Rouse Hill town centre. It is also only 10 minutes by train from Schofields Station to Blacktown Station. 


Proposed zoning and controls will protect existing native vegetation and the corridors of Bells and Eastern Creeks. 
By protecting these creeks and areas rich in vegetation, as well as areas of Aboriginal and non-indigenous heritage, the masterplan provides the opportunity to create a Green Grid in the precinct. 

The draft masterplan also creates the possibility of connecting Eastern Creek to the Western Sydney Parklands in the south. This would further extend the Green Grid and support the Greater Sydney Commission’s Central City District Plan.


Feedback is welcomed from anyone, from West Schofields landowners and residents, to anyone in the broader community. 

Following the exhibition period, submissions will be reviewed and any required amendments incorporated into the final masterplan. Subsequently the Department may make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning to rezone the precinct and then Blacktown City Council will become the consent authority.


Page last updated: 26/06/2019