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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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From 6 December 2019 to 13 March 2020, the Department exhibited the draft Western Sydney Aerotropolis Planning Package. The exhibition consultation process provided opportunity to participate in the future planning for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The section below acknowledges the feedback received from submissions in key themes.


Consideration of all issues raised in submissions is currently underway within the Western Sydney Planning Partnership. Issues will be resolved and help inform precinct planning.


The Planning Partnership continues to liaise with the Aerotropolis community through an established Community Liaison Group that meets monthly. Once precinct plans for the initial precincts are drafted, the draft plans will be placed on exhibition allowing everyone to have their say and continue on the journey with us.


695 submissions were received.


The illustration below shows a breakdown of submissions that were able to be attributed to a specific precinct.

Western Sydney Aerotropolis breakdown of submissions graph 835x500


Key issues raised:

Environment and Recreation Zoning

  • Opposition to Environment and Recreation zoning proposed throughout the Aerotropolis.
  • Confusion exists as to what this zoning means, and people are concerned about public access over private land.
  • Requests that the Government acquire land if it is to be zoned for Environment and Recreation and used for public access.
  • Concern that landowners are being treated differently – i.e. Not understanding why Thompson Creek landowners have been identified for potential acquisition, but others proposed for the same zoning haven’t been. Concern that this zoning will devalue property.
  • Concern that proposed land uses within this zone are too restrictive and won’t allow landowners to keep enjoying their land. Desire for a broader mix of flood-compatible land uses.
  • Common belief that zoning is based on incorrect flood data.

Flooding and flood data

  • Questions about the accuracy and reliability of flood data used to plan for the Aerotropolis.
  • Requests for detailed flood modelling to be undertaken by the Western Sydney Planning Partnership during precinct planning.

Reduction in the amount of land proposed for mixed-use zoning in the Aerotropolis Core precinct

  • Objections to the reduction in the amount of land proposed for Mixed-Use zoning in the Aerotropolis core, from what was proposed in the Stage 1 Land Use and Infrastructure Plan (LUIIP).
  • Requests for the reduction in mixed-use land to be reversed back to what was proposed in the Stage 1 LUIIP, so that Mixed-Use zoning will be applied rather than Enterprise zoning.

Making Dwyer Road precinct an initial precinct

  • Over 120 submissions requested that the Dwyer Road precinct become an initial precinct.
  • General consensus that landowners are happy being separated from the Agribusiness precinct and with the proposed flexible employment zoning (as per the Structure Plan).
  • Concerns that the Dwyer Road precinct will be impacted negatively by Airport operations, which will make it a difficult place to live.
  • Concern that Dwyer Road precinct is the only precinct surrounding the Airport that has not been identified as an initial precinct.
  • Desire for a confirmed timeframe when the precinct will be rezoned.

Luddenham village and residential land uses

  • Confusion about what land uses are proposed to be permitted and prohibited within the Agribusiness zone.
  • Concern about impacts on property value and resale.
  • Desire for residential and a greater variety of land uses to be permitted in the Agribusiness zone.
  • Concern about the character and heritage of the Luddenham Village being lost to development.

Acquisition of land

  • Opposition from landowners about their land being identified for potential acquisition.
  • Concern about being fairly compensated if acquired and being able to purchase another property elsewhere.
  • Concern about timing of acquisition.
  • Desire by landowners within the Environment and Recreation zone to be acquired.

Transport – proposed road, rail and Metro infrastructure

  • Concern about impacts to property resulting from transport corridors, including concern about new and extended roads shown in the draft Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan that have the potential to run through landowners’ properties.
  • Request for Metro station locations to be identified.
  • Request for more detail.

Boundary changes/requests to be in the Aerotropolis

  • Requests for boundaries within the Aerotropolis to be changed:
    • Group of landowners near Bringelly centre who were moved from the Aerotropolis Core precinct in the Stage 1 LUIIP to the Dwyer Road precinct in the draft Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan.
    • Several landowners who had their properties identified as being partially in the Wianamatta-South Creek precinct and partially in the Mamre Road precinct.
  • Requests for the Aerotropolis boundary to be expanded to include landholdings to the south and west.

Regional parkland investigation area

  • Objections to properties being included in the regional parkland investigation area.
  • Requests for clarity on inclusion, timing and acquisition.

Next steps

The Western Sydney Planning Partnership is responsible for delivering the final Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan (which includes the rezoning of the Aerotropolis) and the subsequent Precinct Plans for the initial precincts to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces. The issues raised in the submissions will be considered as part of this work.

Ongoing engagement with the community and key stakeholders

As part of the Planning Partnership’s ongoing commitment to engage with the community and key stakeholders on the Aerotropolis, a range of engagement activities were held during public exhibition, providing the community with an opportunity to find out more, ask questions and provide feedback.


Engagement with the community and key stakeholders continues through the Community Liaison Group which was established to help inform the planning process. There will also be engagement opportunities during precinct planning.

Community Liaison Group

A Community Liaison Group (CLG) has been established as part of the planning process.


The CLG meets regularly providing a forum for open dialogue between the project team working on the Aerotropolis, the community, local Councils and other stakeholders.


The CLG is made up of local residents or individuals across the ten precincts areas of the Aerotropolis. The representatives are listed below.


Precinct  Community Representative
Aerotropolis Core Anh Le
Aerotropolis Core & Wianamatta-South Creek
Joe Herceg
Aerotropolis Core & Wianamatta-South Creek
Julie Spencer
Paul Buhac
Agribusiness & North Luddenham
Wayne Willmington
Badgerys Creek
Diana Vukovic
Badgerys Creek
Melanie Aliberti
Dwyer Road
Helen Anderson
Dwyer Road
Paul Coyto
Kemps Creek
Ross Murphy
Kemps Creek & Wianamatta-South Creek
Maria Zucco
Isaac Camilleri
Rossmore & Wianamatta-South Creek
Gabriella Condello

If you would like to get in touch with the community representative of a particular precinct, please email us.

Contact the team 

You can also contact the project team directly via:

  • Email: 
  • Phone: Between 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday on 1300 305 695. 
  • Translating and interpreting service: Please telephone 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language to connect you to 1300 305 695. 
  • If you are deaf or have a hearing speech impairment call us through the National Relay Service:
    • TTY users, call 133 677 and ask for 1300 305 695
  • Speak and Listen (speech to speech relay users), call 1300 555 727 and ask for 1300 305 695.
  • Internet relay users connect to the NRS ( and ask for 1300 305 695.

Stage 1 Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (Stage 1 Plan) 'What We Heard’ Community Consultation Report

Following the exhibition of the Stage 1 Plan, the Planning Partnership finalised a ‘What We Heard’ Community Consultation Report. The report provided an overview of the public engagement approach to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan – Stage 1 Initial Precincts, identified key themes raised and outlined commitments for the next steps in the progressing the planning for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.


The ‘What We Heard’ Community Consultation Report and all submissions can be viewed on the Planning Portal.

View the comments from the Stage 1 exhibition at the link below

View interactive map

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