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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Independent Community Commissioner Professor Roberta Ryan has released her report on the Western Sydney Aerotropolis to the Minister of Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes.


The NSW Government appointed Professor Ryan as the Independent Community Commissioner in May 2021 to help address the concerns of landowners in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.


The Commissioner’s role involves:

  • Addressing landowners’ concerns;
  • Advising how to help people on environmentally constrained land and those needing support on compassionate grounds;
  • Making recommendations to address community concerns on land acquisitions; and
  • Connecting landowners with other agencies and government stakeholders.


Since May, the Commissioner has met with over 100 landowners to provide the community and stakeholders with an independent avenue to consider their issues and concerns. The Commissioner has since identified the areas where the government can work better with the community to deliver planning for the Aerotropolis.


Commissioner Ryan’s recommendations focus on delivering improvements across three areas:

  • Communication, engagement and ongoing support;
  • Responses to specific landowner impacts; and 
  • Governance and pathways. 


The full report (PDF, 376 KB) and an overview (PDF, 188 KB) are now available.


The department thanks the Commissioner for her tireless work in engaging the community. We also thank the people who have been generous with their time in providing the Commissioner with their views and concerns.



The Commissioner’s recommendations are an important step forward in creating a fair and equitable way for smaller landholders to participate in the delivery of the Aerotropolis. Implementing these will require significant additional government resources, and the resolution of outstanding planning matters, resourcing and the coordination of agencies working in the Aerotropolis. 


The Commissioner’s recommendations are detailed and extensive. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) and the Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA), support recommendations where immediate action can be initiated. Recommendations which are 'Supported in principle - Subject to further investigation' will require additional work to identify pathways for implementation. Recommendations which are 'Supported in principle - Subject to the resolution of funding' will require formal funding approval to proceed with implementation. DPIE and WPCA will use their best endeavours to obtain the necessary funding to deploy the additional resources required to implement these recommendations. 


You can read the government’s initial response (PDF, 172 KB) to the recommendations online.


A more detailed response to each recommendation will be released in the coming months as the ‘Aerotropolis – Responding to the Issues’ report. This will give agencies time to investigate the best path to implementation of the recommendations. The ‘Aerotropolis – Responding to the Issues’ report will also include more detail on the changes needed to planning documents such as Precinct Plans and the State Environmental Planning Policy) and will respond to the Commissioner’s recommendations on matters such as the Environment and Recreation zone and the open space network. 


A New Community Consultative Committee

The appointment of the Community Commissioner has been extended. We look forward to working together with the Commissioner to make sure the community is included in, and understands, the next steps for delivery and what this means for them. This begins with the reformation of the Community Liaison Group as the Community Consultative Committee (CCC). 


Discussions with the community are underway regarding the establishment of the CCC under the existing NSW Government guidelines. 


Nominations to join the CCC are now open. It’s important the CCC represents the breadth of community views across the Aerotropolis. To be considered for the CCC, please note the following requirements. 


Members need to:

  • be a current resident or landowner in the Aerotropolis;
  • be able to demonstrate involvement in local community groups or activities;
  • have knowledge and awareness of the project and related issues of concern to the local community;
  • be able to represent and communicate the interests of the affected local community;
  • be willing to adhere to the committee’s code of conduct.


The CCC will be chaired by the Independent Community Commissioner. Nominations close on 10 September 2021.


If you are interested in nominating please send a completed nomination form and supporting letter to the Commissioner’s office by emailing


Landowner counselling service

A free, confidential telephone counselling service is available to all Aerotropolis landowners.


AccessEAP is an Australian owned and not-for-profit organisation who will provide landowners with general counselling, financial, and other specialist services over the phone.


If you would like to access this service, please call 1800 818 728 and advise the operator you are looking for counselling offered for the Aerotropolis landowners or Independent Community Commissioner.



If you would like to speak with the Commissioner please contact her via email.


You can also contact DPIE on 


Find out more about the Commissioner by reading our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 92 KB).

Page last updated: 09/09/2021