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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Gosford City Centre Revitalisation

Revitalisation of Gosford City Centre as the regional capital of a healthy, prosperous and connected Central Coast, is a priority of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 and the Minister for Planning.


On 10 October 2018 the Minister for Planning announced the release of the final Government Architect report and approval of a suite of new planning controls to revitalise Gosford City Centre, following 12 months of public consultation on the revitalisation and draft planning measures.


The measures aim to facilitate investment in the city to attract new residents, business, tourists and cultural activity to allow Gosford to fulfil its enormous potential as the vibrant, thriving and liveable capital of the Central Coast.


The changes established new planning, development control and assessment arrangements within Gosford City Centre. The controls implement the Government Architect’s framework and will ensure design–led, streamlined, flexible and efficient development for Gosford City Centre.


The Department has prepared a report summarising the key comments and issues raised during the 12-month consultation on the Gosford City revitalisation program and the responses made in the final package.


View the Gosford City Centre Revitalisation Community Consultation Report 2018 (PDF, 1.2MB)



Final designs to transform Leagues Club Field into nature-inspired play space


The NSW Government released final designs for an innovative transformation of Leagues Club Field into a nature-inspired space with water play and sensory experiences for all ages on 15 August 2019.


Concept plans for the 2.4Ha site showcase a new style of immersive nature play for the community to enjoy that go well beyond structured playgrounds with soft fall and slippery slides.


The designs feature a living, breathing bushland ecosystem that complements the park’s proximity to the Gosford waterfront. The park with incorporate wild play and water features interspersed between dozens of newly-planted trees, thousands of native plants, picnic areas, amenities and walkways.


A key feature is an innovative tidal terrace that draws water from the bay at high tide and drains at low tide to create an ecosystem that changes from hour to hour.


All the elements will come together in an amphitheatre modelled on a traditional indigenous dancing ground.


The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (Darkinjung) was closely consulted on the project to draw on its special knowledge and stories of the region to ensure those threads are interwoven into the park.


The Government Architect’s Gosford Urban Design Framework - the blueprint to shape the continued development and renewal of Gosford City Centre -  identified the need to convert leagues Club Field into a regionally significant park and play space.


In mid-2018 the NSW Government committed $10 million to the Leagues Club Field upgrade.


The Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) is leading the project and has worked with world-class designers, the community, Central Coast Council and Darkinjung to create the final designs.then undertook a four-week engagement campaign inviting the community and key stakeholder groups to put forward their ideas for the field upgrade.


In September 2019 the HCCDC will call tenders for construction, with works expected to commence in late 2019. 

Land owners and developers wishing to develop within Gosford City Centre should apply the new planning, infrastructure and assessment provisions which can be viewed by clicking the links below:


State Environmental Planning Policy (Gosford City Centre) 2018 which establishes the statutory controls that recognise the state–significant importance of Gosford as a regional capital.


The SEPP provides the overall zoning and development controls within Gosford City Centre. The SEPP established where land use zones apply, land uses that are permissible within each zone in the City Centre and the primary controls for development.


SEPP Gosford City Centre 2018

Gosford City Centre Development Control Plan (DCP) 2018 (PDF, 13MB) provides more detailed controls for development within Gosford City Centre, by development type and for specific areas.


Download Gosford DCP

Gosford City Centre Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) which requires that development with a value of $1m or greater within the Gosford City Centre pays a contribution (2% of the cost of development) towards the provision of regional infrastructure in connection with development in the Gosford City Centre.

Go to Gosford City Centre SIC

State Significant Development Applications (CIV > $75m)

Refer to the Department’s State Significant Development webpage for information and the Department’s major project website for requesting SEARS and lodging an application.


Development applications (CIV $10m - $75m)

Application forms


The City of Gosford Design Advisory Panel has been established to support the revitalisation by providing advice on urban design, architecture and landscape for development proposals within Gosford City Centre.


The Panel will review significant development proposals within Gosford City Centre that include the following:

  • Any development declared to be State Significant Development for the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as specified by the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011, being development with a Capital Investment Value of more than $75m;
  • Any development proposals using clause 8.4(3) and (4) of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Gosford City Centre), being developments on medium and large sites seeking a variation to height and/or Floor Space Ratio; and
  • Key Sites as identified in Chapter 6 of Gosford Development Control Plan 2018 where the proponent is proposing a variation from the principles applicable to the key site contained in the Gosford Development Control Plan 2018.

The Department has prepared the ‘City of Gosford Design Advisory Panel - Guide for Proponents and Stakeholders’ that identifies the role and operation of the City of Gosford Design Advisory Panel (The Panel) and how the design excellence process will be applied in Gosford City Centre.


Download the Guide

Government Architect NSW final Gosford Urban Design Framework which maps out a design–led, place-based revitalisation process that focuses on public domain renewal.


The place–based approach promotes design excellence in the development and connectivity of three core areas of Gosford City Centre:

  • City North focuses on connecting the greatly expanded Gosford Hospital to the city across the rail corridor, to spread the benefits of the $400m investment into the development of the health and education precinct.
  • City South focuses on linking the city to the waterfront parklands to draw together locals, land, culture, history and recreation in a beautiful parkland destination.
  • Civic Heart – Kibble Park and its surrounds focuses on Gosford’s beating heart that links the City North to the City South.


Read more about the Gosford UDF

Watch the video 'Gosford revitalisation'


The NSW Government has been working with council and the Central Coast community to develop a final series of measures that will pave the way for the Gosford of the future.