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The Plan


Image of Hanging Rock Lookout Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan - a view out to sea

Implementing the Regional Plan

Achieving the vision and objectives of the Regional Plan requires leadership and commitment; ongoing collaboration with stakeholders; and a clear delivery framework.


The Regional Plan emphasises State and local collaboration and collective responses that support growth and change. This will be achieved through formal and informal collaborative frameworks, based on a strong evidence base and coordination.


A Coordinating and Monitoring Committee will be jointly chaired by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation. The Committee will report to the Illawarra Shoalhaven Leadership Executive, bringing a whole-of-regional government approach to planning.


The Committee will include representatives from the four local councils, the Department of Regional NSW, Transport for NSW and NSW Health, all of which are responsible for most of the Regional Plan’s objectives.


An Implementation Plan has been prepared to:

  • explain the linkages between the visions, themes, objectives, actions and collaboration activities
  • assign accountabilities for implementing actions
  • guide Committee in its role of overseeing the delivery of the Regional Plan, and
  • inform the monitoring of the Regional Plan.

Delivering the actions and strategies

Actions, strategies and collaboration activities have been identified to implement this Regional Plan.

  • Actions describe initiatives that will be led by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in the next five years, with new actions identified during the next review.
  • Strategies identify policy positions or directions implemented through strategic planning (including local strategic planning statements), local plans (including local environmental plans and development control plans) or State agency planning.
  • Collaboration activities include important initiatives led by State agencies or local councils.

The Committee will take ownership for implementing this Regional Plan by prioritising the actions needed to be delivered over the next five years.


Monitoring and review

The Committee will monitor and review progress towards achieving the vision and meeting the objectives. An online dashboard will include indicators for housing, employment, communities and the environment.  The Regional Plan will be reviewed and adjusted every five years, or as necessary, to realise the vision for 2041.


Download the vision and themes infographic

Image of infographic showing Vision for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plan - An innovative, sustainable, resilient, connected, diverse and creative region - Themes, Objectives 1 - 30, Actions, Strategies, and Collaborative Activities