NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The Plan

Summary of the Regional Plan

Image of Globe Lane Wollongong with mural on the side of a building wall

Four themes guide the 30 objectives in the Regional Plan. The 30 objectives are supported by a mix of actions, strategies and collaboration activities.


Regional Plan themes

regional icons 1

A productive and
innovative region


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A sustainable and
resilient region


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A region that values
its people and places

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A smart, connected
and accessible region

Regionally Significant Precincts

Regionally significant precincts are places that will be activated through collaboration between councils, State agencies and other organisations. They include employment lands, centres and growth areas where collaboration and place-based planning will create the right conditions for ongoing innovation, investment and coordination.

The Regional Plan incorporates sustainability into the planning for regionally significant precincts and will inform a sustainability framework for these areas that will identify precinct-specific opportunities for renewable energy, water cycle management, building design, green infrastructure, the circular economy, transport, smart technology and public spaces.


Strengthen Metro Wollongong as a connected, innovative and progressive city

Grow the region’s Regional Cities

Grow the Port of Port Kembla as an international trade hub

Activate regionally significant employment precincts to support new and innovative economic enterprises

Create a diverse visitor economy

Activate the region’s harbours to promote the blue highway

Respond to the changing nature of retail

Strengthen the economic self-determination of Aboriginal communities

Promote agriculture innovation, sustainability and value-add opportunities

Sustainably maximise the productivity of resource lands

Protect important environmental assets

Build resilient places and communities

Increase urban tree canopy cover

Enhance and connect parks, open spaces and bushland with walking and cycling paths

Plan for a Net Zero region by 2050

Support the development of a circular economy

Secure water resources

Provide housing supply in the right locations

Deliver housing that is more diverse and affordable

Establish a shared vision for the future of Bombo Quarry lands

Respond to the changing needs of local neighbourhoods

Embrace and respect the region’s local character

Celebrate, conserve and reuse cultural heritage

Support major events, public art and cultural activities

Collaborate to leverage opportunities from Western Sydney’s growth

Create faster rail connections between Greater Sydney, Wollongong and Nowra

Protect major freight networks

Create connected and accessible walking and cycling networks

Utilise smart infrastructure to drive resilience, prosperity and vibrant places

Prepare for mobility changes that improve connectivity and sustainability



Action 1

Develop a Metro Wollongong Health Precinct Strategy.


Action 2

Develop a Nowra City Centre Strategic Roadmap to set a vision, identify actions and guide inter-agency and inter-government collaboration.


Action 3

Develop precinct profiles for the regionally significant employment lands and where required, establish precinct collaboration teams to activate land for economic growth.


Action 4

Develop a resilience benchmarking matrix tool to assist councils to assess their level of resilience.


Action 5

Develop the Illawarra Shoalhaven Green Grid and identify priority projects for enhancement.


Action 6

Develop an Illawarra Shoalhaven Sustainability Roadmap that identifies innovative initiatives that can be delivered through an ecosystem of collaboration.


Action 7

Develop a sustainability framework for regionally significant precincts to promote carbon neutral sustainable growth and development.


Action 8

Establish the Illawarra Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Roundtable with councils, community housing providers, the NSW Government and housing development industry to collaborate, build knowledge and identify barriers to increase the supply of affordable housing.


Action 9

Develop a shared vision for the future of Bombo Quarry in collaboration with Kiama Municipal Council, landowners and the community.