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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Housing for very low, low and moderate income households where:

  • rent or mortgage payments are below 30 per cent of gross household income; or
  • the household is eligible to occupy rental accommodation under the National Rental Affordability Scheme.


A building containing three or more dwellings, including flats, units or dwellings attached to a shop or office. It does not include an attached dwelling or multi-dwelling house.

Biodiversity corridor

An identified area of land that connects flora and fauna populations, separated by human developments and activities, for the purpose of increasing the biodiversity of an area.

Biodiversity certification

A streamlined biodiversity assessment of areas marked for development at the strategic planning stage, including a range of options for offsetting impacts on biodiversity.

Employment Lands Development Program

The Employment Lands Development Program (ELDP) is the NSW Government’s key program for managing the supply of employment lands in the region.

Existing urban areas

Land zoned for an urban purpose, excluding greenfield release areas and future employment lands.

Greenfield development

Urban development of new release areas identified by the NSW Government that has not been previously developed or used for other purposes.

Gross regional product (GRP)

A measure of the size of a regional economy and productivity. GRP is the market value of all final goods and services produced in a region within a given period of time.

Innovation Campus

A research and commercial precinct developed by the University of Wollongong. The Campus is a centre of innovation, research and education, located in close proximity to Wollongong’s commercial core and the main campus of the university.


The Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Wollongong, Kiama, Shellharbour and Shoalhaven.

Multi-dwelling development

A development containing two or more dwellings (whether attached or detached) on one lot of land that is accessed at the ground level. It includes dual occupancy, townhouses, villas, terraces and other semi-detached dwellings. This definition differs from the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan definition so as to capture dual occupancies as a form of multi-dwelling housing.

Public Domain

Public spaces, used with little or no restriction on a daily basis by the community, including parks, plazas, streets and public infrastructure.

Urban Feasibility Model (UFM)

A strategic planning tool that calculates the dwelling potential of each Local Government Area in the region, based on current local environmental plans and development control plans and the economic feasibility of developing housing potential, based on development costs and local property markets.

Single-dwelling housing

A single dwelling is a building that contains only one dwelling.

Social infrastructure

Includes a wide range of built facilities, services and networks of organisations. It includes community facilities such as schools, hospitals, police stations, libraries and child-care centres, and community services such as health services, disability services, and youth development and aged-care services.


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