NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The New England North West Regional Plan 2036 is the NSW Government’s strategy for guiding land-use planning decisions for the New England North West.

Our vision acknowledges the opportunities provided by natural resources and strong communities and sets the following regionally focused goals:

  • A strong and dynamic regional economy
  • A healthy environment with pristine waterways
  • Strong infrastructure and transport networks for a connected future
  • Attractive and thriving communities.

Download the New England North West Regional Plan 2036

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Nationally valued landscapes and strong, successful communities from the Great Dividing Range to the rich black soil plains.

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The New England North West includes some of Australia’s most productive agricultural land, along with a network of vibrant cities and centres across diverse landscapes.

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The New England North West’s environmental assets include protected ecosystems, World Heritage-listed rainforests, internationally recognised wetlands in the Moree Plains and rare sub-alpine communities at Mount Kaputar that occur nowhere else on the planet.

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Located between Sydney and Brisbane, with strong transport links to Newcastle and South East Queensland, the New England North West is well positioned to access domestic and international markets. The freight network’s efficiency influences the productivity of agriculture, manufacturing and natural resource sectors.

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The strength, diversity and character of the New England North West’s communities will drive a successful future. New opportunities and challenges will emerge as changes in agricultural methods, transport connectivity, climate and demography reshape these communities.

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The NSW Government will work with each council to deliver the directions and actions set out in this Plan.

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Interim Settlement Planning Principles.

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A list of definition and the reference source for this regional plan.