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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Neighbourhood Planning Principles

The Neighbourhood Planning Principles provide overarching principles that may apply to new developments in both greenfield and existing urban areas. The application of the principles may apply more strongly depending on the context of the proposed development.

  • Public transport networks that link frequent buses into the rail system.
  • A range of land uses to provide the right mix of houses, jobs, open space, recreational space and green space.
  • Easy access to major town centres with a full range of shops, recreational facilities and services along with smaller village centres and neighbourhood shops.
  • Jobs available locally and regionally, reducing the demand for transport services.
  • Streets and suburbs planned so that residents can walk to shops for their daily needs.
  • A wide range of housing choices to provide for different needs and different incomes. Traditional houses on individual blocks will be available along with smaller, lower maintenance homes, units and terraces for older people and young singles or couples.
  • Housing diversity can be facilitated by providing a number of purpose-designed smaller lots and dwellings.
  • New housing developments are to provide a proportion of adaptable housing to further increase housing choice across the Region to cater for the ever changing needs of its residents.
  • Conservation lands in and around the development sites, to help protect biodiversity and provide open space for recreation.
  • Minimise the negative impacts on the natural water cycle and protect the health of aquatic systems, for example, through Water Sensitive Urban Design principles.

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