NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Narrabri Special Activation Precinct

Narrabri was announced as a Special Activation Precinct in November 2020.

The Narrabri Special Activation Precinct (the Precinct) will attract employment and investment opportunities to the region, capitalising on Narrabri’s strategic location to Inland Rail, the Narrabri West Walgett Line and the Narrabri Northern NSW Inland Port. The Precinct will also identify housing, infrastructure, community and social needs required for the town to support additional growth.

With direct access to national and international markets via the Inland Rail, the Precinct will be a thriving commercial hub that will target energy-intensive manufacturing, value-add agricultural production, recycling, and freight and logistics.

The investigation area of the Precinct includes the Narrabri Northern NSW Inland Port, which is located 6 km from the town centre on Yarrie Lake Road.

The final boundary of the Precinct will be determined following technical investigations and community consultation.


The Department of Planning and Environment is in the initial stages of master planning conducting technical investigations which will inform the draft Master Plan for the Precinct.

Studies that will be undertaken over the next 12 months include transport, utilities, social and community infrastructure, flooding and drainage, biodiversity, heritage, bushfire, and air, noise and odour, with results to inform an evidence base for the draft Master Plan for the Precinct and confirm the final boundary.

This includes working closely with Narrabri Shire Council on a coordinated strategic approach to explore town planning opportunities across Narrabri to support the growth in population bought on by the Special Activation Precinct.

The department will also prepare a new schedule to the Activation Precincts State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), which will include the rezoning of land and the creation of exempt and complying development pathways for development within the special activation.

For more information please see the Narrabri SAP fact sheet (PDF, 139 KB).

Next steps

We are working closely with Narrabri Shire Council on the draft Master Plan.

We will engage with landowners and the community and invite their feedback through the master planning process. It is anticipated the draft Master Plan will be released for public exhibition in the second half of 2022.

Page last updated: 06/12/2022